Selling a car for someone else

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How To Go About Selling A Car For Someone Else

Let’s say one of your friends or family members is looking to sell their car sometime soon. Maybe they no longer live in the state you live in, are away on business, or are just simply unable to sell the car on their own for some reason.

Or maybe one of your relatives has become seriously ill or incompetent. Soon, they’ll no longer be able to make the choice to sell the car on their own.

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The Power Of Attorney To Sell A Car

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Getting The Power of Attorney To Sell A Car

The process of selling your own car is pretty easy. You find a buyer, you settle on a price, you transfer the title to the new buyer, and you get your money.

Easy, right?

But what happens when somebody else wants you to sell their car for them? If you’re lucky and you both trust each other, there’s a possibility that they’ll be willing to transfer the title over to your name to let you sell the car for them.

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Here's The Phone Number For Cash For Cars

The cash for cars phone number is (800) 225-7500. Simply call the number and they will be able to assist you with your car selling needs.

Don’t waste any more time on trying to sell a car to a dealership, auto salvage yard or junkyard who are looking to give you lowball offers so that they can make a profit as well. Don’t also waste any more money on ads, repairs and avoid fraudulent and unserious buyers.

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Use Our Scrap Car Value Calulcator Below

If you’re reading this article then you must have been asking yourself time and time again what scrap value is or even if there’s anything like a car scrap metal calculator.

If this sounds like you then we also believe that your car has died, gotten totaled or it has become so old that everyone considers it a junk car.

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How To Sell Your Car To A Dealer

If you think it’s time to sell your car then you’ve got two options. It’s either you sell your car to a dealer or you sell it to a private buyer.

Now, selling your car to a private buyer will get you close to its retail value, but it also comes with the risks of having strangers coming to your home and a lot of time investment and efforts. Let’s not forget to mention the numerous calls, emails and many deciding to cancel on you at the last minute.

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Trading In A Car With Mechanical Problems

All cars are bound to develop problems sooner or later, whether you’re ready to deal with them or not. That’s because they can’t stay new forever. You could wake up to a car with mechanical problems at any time.

From a blown head gasket, transmission problems to a blown engine, the costs of these car mechanical problems won’t go easy on your pocket.

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Sell My Classic Car

You’d agree that someone you know or come across has bought or sold a used car at least once in their lifetime. What about a classic car? A classic car might be a bit different but it’s still a used car and is much older than the average car you’d find on the market.

When you reach the point where you say, “It’s time to sell my classic car,” then there are some options you’d likely consider.

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How To Sell A Car With A Bad Transmission

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Selling Or Trading in A Car With A Bad Transmission

You’re about to drive out of your garage or driveway then your car refuses to reverse when you shift the gear to reverse and hit the gas. What could be wrong?

To find out, you ask your mechanic to come over or you have it towed to his repair shop. A couple of hours later, he gives you the update: “Your transmission has gone bad.”

He informs you that repairs would cost about $1,500 - $3,500. If your car is new or you’ve got a full warranty coverage, this won’t be an issue.

However, if your car is pretty old, there are possibilities of other issues showing up later.

So, having it repaired won’t make financial sense. Your best bet is to sell it.

In this article, we’ve listed the options available to you when it comes to selling a car with transmission problems.

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KBB Instant Cash Offer Review.

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KBB Instant Cash Offer Review VS CarMax

Many people ask this same question over and over again, “Is KBB reliable, accurate and do they offer the highest instant cash offer?”

It’s a common question that you’ll find on discussion forums about used cars and the likes.

You’re probably asking yourself that same question most especially if you’ve got a car that you need to get rid of.

Well, just before you make your final decision, you should read our review on KBB’s instant cash offer.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be well-informed after reading this.

Let’s begin…

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Selling an old car

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How to Sell an Old Car

Defining an ‘old’ car can be a bit difficult, especially because there are so many different ways to define one. A classic car, for example, is any car that is 25 years old, and an antique car is any car that is 50 years old. At the same time, an old car can be a car that has reached either 100,000 or 200,000 miles (depending on where you live). Other times, and old car is just old.

While deciding what is considered old can be difficult, with the amount of options that are available to you so long as you have a proof of ownership and an eye for marketing, selling your old car is surprisingly easy.

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