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Bad Alternators: Symptoms, Replacement & Repair Costs

Let’s say you turned the ignition key of your car and instead of the engine getting fired up…you hear fast, strange clicks. What comes to mind?

You’d likely assume that your car battery is bad and needs a change.

You might be right but if it’s something as serious as a bad alternator…then that’s an expensive assumption. Why?

Well, if your car has a bad alternator, changing the battery will still leave you with the same problem and in the end…a dead battery.

A dead battery equals a dead car. In this article, you’ll find out all there is to know about alternators and save yourself from making a costly assumption.

Let’s begin…

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Bad Catalytic Converter: Replacement Cost and Symptoms.

Your car’s catalytic converter is responsible for eliminating toxic emissions that could harm the environment.

Perhaps, you might be lucky enough and won’t need to bother about having yours changed or repaired but they tend to fail in a lot of cars.

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A blown head gasket

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All About Blown Head Gaskets: Symptoms, Repair Cost and More.

It’s fair to say that hearing the phrase “blown head gasket” is enough to paint a picture of huge dollar bills in your mind, either from personal experience or hearing about it from a friend – whose car had a blown head gasket – and the repair cost made you wonder if a car is even worth driving.

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