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If you have a vehicle that you need to sell, don’t waste your time going to other companies that offer cash for cars in Bakersfield or other dealerships that promise to buy your cars. These places only serve one purpose and that is to give you as little cash as they can for your vehicle.

Yikes! That does not sound like a good deal, does it? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. We have had customers come into our office and tell us that they only received a small amount for their other vehicle and how were we able to offer them so much? We want to let you in on a little secret – we don’t try to make a profit off of you. Yep, that is it right there. We want YOU to be paid fairly for your vehicle and we will not give you the run around about how steel is priced too low or how vehicles don’t sell for much. Nope. Not us.

At SellMax, we are an honest company that is dedicated to being there for you and offering you the HIGHEST price for your vehicle. We only want one thing and that is for YOU to walk away with a smile on your face. Who knew you could get so much cash for your vehicle!

Okay, okay, we know you probably do not believe us right now, but you can test us out to see if we are just blowing smoke under your feet. We will give you a FREE quote for your vehicle and the best part? If you don’t like it, refuse it. But, we know you won’t because we are confident that we offer the most cash for cars in Bakersfield.

Ready to sell us your vehicle? Yay! Feel free to give us a call now and we will provide you with a cash offer instantly.

We Come to You FREE of Charge

One of the awesome things about SellMax is that we are able to come out to your location and pick up your vehicle FREE of charge. Yes, you read that right. F-R-E-E. FREE.

We will never charge you a dime to come get your vehicle and you can keep all of that cash for yourself. Many other companies expect you to take the vehicle to them, but not us. We never want you to be inconvenienced and we will come out to your home or any other location that you want us to.

Our Car Selling Process is Simplified for Ease

Ever try to sell your vehicle to another company or dealership and they want you to jump through a ton of hoops to do it? After you receive your quote, you have already wasted several hours and your vehicle has been driven by everyone in the shop. Oh, and let’s not forget that wimpy quote they just gave you citing that is all they can possibly offer for your vehicle.

Ha! SellMax just has to laugh at these places because they are a joke. We are the only HONEST and FAIR cash for cars company in all of Bakersfield. We won’t yank you around and we sure as heck won’t try to rip you off either.

We take ALL types of vehicles in ALL conditions here at SellMax and our process is streamlined for simplicity. In fact, you can sell us your vehicle in just four steps from the comfort of your home!

Our Process Step by Step

1. The first step in the process requires you to go to our website and tell us about your vehicle. We will need the vehicle’s location, condition, year, make, and model. That’s it.

2. We will then provide you with an instant cash offer on your screen. Now, we do recommend that you brace yourself because you will be blown away at how AWESOME the cash offer truly is.

3. If you are happy with the cash offer, which we are certain you will be, you can then schedule a time and place to meet with one of our car consultants. Upon arrival, they will take a quick look at your vehicle and have you sign some paperwork.

4. Once everything is signed, we will then hand you the cash you are owed and take your vehicle from the location.

Working with SellMax is as easy as it gets and we are proud to be able to provide you with a no hidden or surprise fees policy. This means that you will never have to pay any fees for our service and you definitely won’t be invoiced for a bogus charge. The amount you see on the screen is the amount of cash you receive. No hassles. No lies. No games.

Why Work with the Team at SellMax?

SellMax has prided itself on purchasing vehicles from people and providing cash for cars since 1990. Our founders, Tom and Tony, wanted to make sure that all consumers could unload the vehicles they no longer want or vehicles that were damaged or junk.

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and the highest prices paid for vehicles throughout all of Bakersfield.

In case you need a few more reasons, here they are:

  • We pay CASH on the spot
  • We take damaged and junk vehicles
  • We pick up your vehicle for FREE
  • Our team members are friendly and helpful
  • We will meet you at any location convenient for you
  • We offer a streamlined and quick car selling process

Call Now for a FREE Vehicle Quote

If you are ready to sell your vehicle, don’t settle for unfair prices and rip offs. Trust the professionals at SellMax today. We are dedicated to serving the local community and we offer the most cash for cars in Bakersfield.

Ready to get a quote? Call SellMax now for a FREE cash quote over the phone or you can fill out our online form and one of our team members will be with you soon. 

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Bakersfield

2014 Mercedes-benz SL-Class 93386 03-30-2020 $419
1976 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight 93384 03-29-2020 $932
2012 Ford Flex 93303 03-26-2020 $927
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee 93390 03-25-2020 $896
2001 Lamborghini Diablo 93387 03-25-2020 $388
2019 Chevrolet Traverse 93388 03-24-2020 $904
1970 Mazda 616 93307 03-24-2020 $965
1989 Ferrari 208 93306 03-23-2020 $847
2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 93382 03-22-2020 $482
1994 Ford Orion 93309 03-22-2020 $775
2012 Chrysler 300 93305 03-20-2020 $716
2011 Ferrari 458 Italia 93304 03-20-2020 $327
2006 Porsche Cayenne 93389 03-20-2020 $669
2004 Infiniti QX4 93308 03-18-2020 $835
2008 Maybach 57 93313 03-17-2020 $751

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