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Cash For Used And Junk Cars In Stockton CA

If you are trying to sell your car in Stockton CA, and you need it gone fast, then you need to call SellMax!

We've all been there, you have an old car that just takes up space in your driveway. You've tried selling it, but nobody seems interested in buying. Maybe it has too much body damage for anybody to touch it. Maybe it needs some TLC to pass the smog test, but everybody knows it's not worth the cash to do so. Maybe it just quit running one day, but the amount needed to repair it would be enough to buy a whole new car. How about you turn this sticky situation into an opportunity to make some cold cash? Even if nobody else will touch that old junker, SellMax will buy any car they can find in the Stockton CA area. 

A little bit about us

Tom and Tony Started SellMax in 1990. They knew that it was hard to sell your car that nobody wanted, so they decided to give people another option. Before they developed their cash for cars model, the only options available to the people of Stockton were hoping the dealerships would buy them, or posting ads and waiting for phone calls that may never come. Now, thanks to Tom and Tony, people have the option to trade that unwanted car for cold hard cash with no hassle and with none of the games other companies like to play with you.
Since then, Sellmax has become the leading car buying company serving Stockton CA, specializing in providing cash for junk cars. And we mean all cars. Can't pass smog? No problem. Body damage? No problem. It doesn't even need to be running. We will buy just about anything, as long as you're willing and able to sell it. To get the ball rolling, just give us a call at our office (800) 225-7500 and our specialists can give you a quote right over the phone. Our trusted team can even bring you the cash at your home and take that car right out of your driveway. 

Why should you use us?

Other companies only want to make a profit off of you. They will only buy your car if it's worth it for their pocket, so they may shy away from your damaged car or offer you an amount far below what the car is worth. We can't promise to beat every offer, but we can promise to buy your car every time, no matter what, because we pride ourselves on being a no hassle cash for cars buyer. This means that all it takes is one phone call and as little stress as possible. Your car could sit on websites for weeks without a single call. With us, the quote we give is the cash you get, and we can even pick up on the same day as the first phone call under most circumstances. So if you need cash for your car fast, and with no haggling or endless phone calls, just give us one call and we'll take it from there. Even if you're just curious, there is no pressure to accept the quote we give you. 

Commonly asked questions

How long does this take?
Under most circumstances, we can be there to pick up your car within 24 hours from the time you picked up the phone. If you live close within the Stockton CA area, we can be there almost immediately.

How and When do I get paid?
When we say cash for cars, we mean it. We pay you in straight cash, no checks, no money orders, and no waiting. We give you the cash as soon as we have the car, so there is no insecurity on your getting paid. You will have cash in hand before we leave with the car. 

Is the quote guaranteed?
Yes, as long as the details of damage and condition are honest,the quote we give is the cash you get every time. 

Is there anything you won't buy?
As long as you can prove ownership, or at least the right to sell your car, then there is absolutely no vehicle we will not buy off your hands. No matter the year, size, type or condition, we can always give you cash on the spot for whatever vehicle you're hoping to get rid of.

What happens to my car after you buy it?
This depends largely on the condition of the vehicle. If it is only good for salvage, we make sure to do so in an environmentally safe manner, collecting all fluids and disposing of them properly. We promise that nothing done with your vehicle will be unsafe for the environment. 

Will I be charged for the tow?
No. Our pickup is absolutely free. 

How this works
The process is simple. 

Step one:
You call us and give us your car's year, make, and model. We'll ask for all the details on damages and mechanical issues. 

Step two:
With this information we quote you a price, and if you like it, we set a meeting place and time to pick up your car wherever you are in the Stockton CA area.

Step three:
Our team member will meet you on time at the appointed location to assess the validity of the offer, and finalize the selling paperwork.

Step four:
With cash in hand for your old junker, watch us tow it away and out of your hair. 

It can't get any easier, and our team is friendly and professional in all situations. Our goal is to get that car out of your way, and leave you with decent cash in place. We give cash for junk cars, old trucks, wrecked vans, and anything else you can throw at us. We can even pick up multiple cars at once if you need us to. Even if you 

We will give you cash for your unwanted cars, so if you have a car you need gone, do not hesitate! pick up that phone and call us now.


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