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Here you’ll find straightforward answers to questions you might have.

  • What kind of cars will SellMax buy from me?

    Since we are self-styled “car whizzes,” we can make your car disappear regardless of its condition, make, model, or year. Cars so awfully dirty they’d make you cringe. Wrecks. Jalopies of all kinds. Completely functional cars. Anything and everything. Literally. Get the idea?

  • I want to sell my car. How do I get started?

    It’s dead simple. Just call us at (800) 225-7500 or fill out our contact form to get started. We’ll get back to you right away. Promise.

  • Are you a licensed business?

    Oh, yes! SellMax is licensed and bonded in the state of California. We hope that helps put you at ease, at least a bit more, you know?

  • Where is your office located?

    Our headquarters are located at 7245 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115. Stop by and say hi.
    Seriously – we don’t bite.

  • How long have you been in business?

    This is for all you inquiring minds out there. We’ve been in business since 1990, so we’ve racked up quite a number of years of experience. Which means we’ll definitely put it to good use for you.

  • Do you buy junk cars?

    Absolutely. Yes. Definitely. Affirmative. Positively. In other words, we are certainly willing to buy your junk car – even it is totally...junky.

  • What if I’ve lost my car’s title?

    Will you still buy my car? Well, as long as the car is titled in California – and you don’t owe any money on the car – we’ll be happy to purchase it from you.

  • What if my vehicle is not paid off?

    No problem – we’ll go with you and pay off the balance and give any remainder to you. Zip. Just like that, you’ll have a nice wad of cash in your pocket.

  • How much is my car worth?

    As of right now, we can’t tell you. That’s because you’d have to contact us first to tell us about your car (call us – we’re a pretty friendly bunch!). All vehicles are different, so we’ll give you an offer that’s tailored to your particular car.

  • How quickly can you buy my car?

    We could answer this question with some spiel about showing you a magic trick. But we’re going to be perfectly straightforward this time: we can buy your car incredibly quickly. We usually buy a car on the same day we’re contacted, and often within 1 hour! How cool is that?

  • What if my car hasn’t passed smog inspections?

    This is not a problem – we can buy it without a smog test. Although you can’t sell it to the public without the smog inspection, we are a licensed dealer so there is no liability and no legal hiccups when you sell your car to us.

  • Do you beat the offers of other dealers?

    Yeah, we frequently do this! Since we have low overhead, we are often able to offer you the very best price for your car.

  • Okay. Thanks for these answers to my questions.What if I have more?

    Hey, it’s been a pleasure. And if you have more questions, just go ahead and call us at (800) 225-7500 or contact us through the form – we’ll be more than glad to answer any questions you may have. See ya!

Yep, You Can Now Quickly Sell Your Car in Your Area with SellMax

With our junk car removal headquarters in San Diego, we’ve got locations throughout the United States. So wherever you are,we can
help you out. You won’t have to travel very far at all, saving you time and energy.