Hi, We’re the Faces Who Make it Happen for You

Maybe you’ve heard of us. Maybe not. Either way, we’re a leading cash-for-car company basking under
the San Diego sun, and we totally believe in having fun while doing what we love – which is helping you sell
your car quickly, safely, and effectively. But just who are we, anyway?


One of the cool co-founder guys.

This guy hails from Cleveland and has a very keen eye for company innovation. Tom is always actively on the hunt in pursuit of ways to improve the company and take it to new, better, and brighter heights of success.


The other cool co-founder guy.

The guy was born in Brazil. He’s the co-founder of SellMax, and he’s the one who had this grand vision of making the car selling experience much simpler, much easier, and much faster. With Tom’s help, Tony whipped that vision into shape and turned it into SellMax. Here at our offices, we all think Tony is pretty cool stuff.


He’s the guy who helps people find SellMax online.

If you were to seek out someone for wisdom on how to be successful online, David is the fellow you’d seek out. He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and now helps market the company online. That kind of stuff is quite useful, of course, as it helps people on the web find this website. So –
just maybe – you have David to thank for stumbling onto this website.


He’s the Chief of Auto Buyers.

This guy is in charge of SellMax’s auto buyers. Which means he trains our auto buyers, showing them the ropes of the craft and instilling in them the importance of being prompt and respectful when visiting you on car-buying appointments. Basically, he makes sure that when you sell your car, it’s a totally smooth and stress-free process. Pretty neat, huh?


He moves vehicles.

A skilled tow truck operator, Lay specializes in safely transporting all sorts of vehicles. So if you’ve got a damaged car that can’t run on its own, you’ll probably be saying “hi!” to Lay!


He knows the fairest prices.

A secret mathematical prodigy? Maybe. No one knows for sure. But what we do know is that this guy knows his stuff when it comes to calculating the market value of any vehicle. When you ask us for a quote, we all look at Aaron quizzically – then, he cranks out a fair and reasonable price estimate for your car. Cool guy. Has a degree in accounting from SDSU.


She handles all your headaches.

Got a smile on your face? Ariana tries to put one there. That’s because she’s in charge of making customers happy with fantastic customer service. The kind that makes you feel all warm and good inside. Oh, but Ariana does more than that. She also oversees the company’s operations and answers the phones. Busy person. Smart woman. You’ll certainly like her. She’s got a degree in marketing from SDSU, incidentally. Which means she appreciates the value of happy customers.


She answers your phone calls.

If you’re on the other end when the phone rings over here, Ashley is probably the one taking your call (go ahead – ask if it’s Ashley speaking when you call us!). She’s the one who keeps our communication lines open and runnin’, jotting down notes as you speak to her about your car – and scheduling appointments. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Ashley is dynamite when it comes to talking to our customers.


She also answers phone calls.

When the phone rings, Sarah eagerly answers it and begins scheduling appointments for our car purchases – as well as make sure that customers receive great customer service through awesome communication. A student at Grossmont College, Sarah is on fire for our team, building trust and good will over the telephone.


Co-founder and master of the online world.

For starters, the guy is a savvy web designer and online marketing aficionado. He makes sure that our online operations run smoothly so that you don’t run into any issues on our website. Pursuing a computer science degree from SDSU, Sean is pretty freaking important to the success and growth of the company. Thanks, Sean.

Yep, You Can Now Quickly Sell Your Car in Your Area with SellMax

With headquarters in San Diego, we’ve got locations throughout the United States. So wherever you are,we can
help you out. You won’t have to travel very far at all, saving you time and energy.