About Us

We’re the friendly crew who give people nice lumps of cash for their cars. Their junky cars. Their slick-looking cars. Their cars that have faithfully chugged along for years before huffing one final breath. We buy ‘em all. With great big cash pay outs. No hassle, no shenanigans, no weaseling around trying to cut corners and squeeze you out of money that is rightfully yours. If you’re happy, we’re happy. Pretty darn straightforward, if you ask us.

Anyway, you’re on this page because you want to learn just a bit about us, right? You see, like you or me, SellMax Cash For Cars has a story. And the SellMax tale – our story – begins way back in 1990.

Yup, 1990. That was quite a year.
When the Hubble space telescope was launched.
When The Simpsons invaded television screens everywhere.
When Skidz pants were a thing.
When a couple of guys named Tom and Tony had a brilliant-but-simple idea.
Yes, that last part has to do with the SellMax story.

See, in 1990 in San Diego, a Cleveland business maven teamed up with a Brazilian entrepreneur and the two cooked up something quite useful to people like you.

People who wanted to sell off their cars quickly and at a fair price.
At the time, selling a car was a bit of a hassle. You had to call up your local newspaper and place an ad in the paper.
Or you could sell your car to a dealer who was sure to try to buy it from you at the lowest possible price.
Which, as you can imagine, was kind of sucky for many individual car sellers.

So, anyway, there’s Tom and Tony, thinking about ways to improve the car selling experience.
What they came up with was the “cash for cars” idea.

A very simple, uncomplicated concept: have a buy-all-cars policy (regardless of the condition of the car) and give cash in return. That way, no one would have to hunt around for a buyer. Time would be saved all around. Money would be gained by many car sellers. It was a cool business idea, to be sure. Little wonder then that this “cash for cars” business ballooned in size and quickly became the biggest cash-for-cars company in San Diego. Private car sellers flocked to these car-buying wizards and returned with nice lumps of cash in their wallets.

Business was good. Over the years, more and more team members were added to this thriving company.
There was a very good reason why this company grew so rapidly.
Since it was initially founded, all our team members shared an unshakeable esprit de corps: we were all glued together by the idea that, no matter what, delivering excellent customer service was our first and foremost mission.

Happy customers made us happy. Simple as that.

Today, this cash-for-cars company, now known as SellMax, has spread its wings over the nation. It is quickly becoming a nationwide car-buying service. And everywhere we go, we have committed ourselves untiringly to the mission of making happy customers and happy car sellers and happy people. We’ve built quite an ironclad reputation for being a very friendly crew.

We’ve had our ups-and-downs, of course (everyone does), but we’re steadily and relentlessly forging ahead with the vision of making it quick and effortless for people like you to sell their cars – and get good chunks of cash in return.

Today, our core principles are the same as they were 25 years ago.
Delightful, incredible customer service is always given.
Our mission has not changed.
Our friendly spirit remains as strong as ever.
One thing that has changed, though?
We don’t wear Skidz pants any more.

Yep, You Can Now Quickly Sell Your Car in Your Area with SellMax

With headquarters in San Diego, we’ve got locations throughout the United States. So wherever you are,we can
help you out. You won’t have to travel very far at all, saving you time and energy.