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Are you trying to sell your vehicle in El Cajon? If so our cash for junk cars El Cajon service can help, you have landed in the right spot at the right time. SellMax is looking to buy your vehicle for some serious cash. We are easy to work with and offer you the highest prices.

SellMax will buy ANY vehicle in ANY condition. Whether you have a junk car on your property or a damaged car on a tow truck, we offer cash for cars in El Cajon.



Here's Why You Should Sell Your Car To Our Car Buyers In El Cajon, CA

The process of selling your vehicle does not have to be difficult and we want you to know that we have made it easy. In addition to that, our representatives offer the fairest prices for your vehicle. No more disappointment at the dealership and no more rip offs from other companies. We pay you fairly.


Not sure how to get the car to us? Have no fear! We will come pick up the vehicle you are selling for FREE. Yes, you read that right, FREE. You do not have to pay for a ride, pay for a tow, or leave your house to receive money for your vehicle.


Information About Our El Cajon Cash For Cars Service

Want to learn more about the car buying process and who we are here at SellMax? Great! Let’s take a quick look.


Do You Know the Great Car-Dini?

Apparently, as legend has it, the Great Car-Dini was one of wonderful power. One who would turn cars into stacks of cash and quickly too! The Great Car-Dini was known throughout the El Cajon area and would walk throughout the streets looking for old cars to turn into cash.

Unfortunately, the Great Car-Dini disappeared for some time and no one knows what happened to him. In fact, many people missed him because they could no longer get the cash they wanted for their vehicles. Let’s face it – dealerships rip you off when it comes to buying your vehicle.

With the Great Car-Dini gone, SellMax stepped up to the plate to be able to help the people of El Cajon get  paid money for their cars once again.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Our El Cajon "We Buy Cars" Program?

SellMax was first started in the early 1990’s based on a simple mission and that was: to help people sell their vehicles for a fair and reasonable price.

Selling vehicles before SellMax was a difficult process and one that was not worth the time and energy for the pay off. This made the car selling process frustrating and many people would simply leave their vehicle in their yards to avoid dealing with it. In fact, you had one of two options for selling:

1. You could advertise your car in the local newspaper and hope that someone responded to you.


2. You could take your vehicle to a local dealer and hope that they offered you more than a couple bucks for your car.

The founders of SellMax (Tom and Tony) knew that this could NOT be the only way to sell your vehicle and so they set out on a mission to ensure car selling was easy. Their powerful and effective “Cash for Cars” model became a huge success.

SellMax created a buy-all-cars policy, which helped to open a door for all car sellers including those of junk cars and damaged cars. SellMax continues to be able to pay fair prices for vehicles and never rips off their customer.


How to Sell Your Vehicle to SellMax In El Cajon

It is important to know that we welcome ALL vehicles. From your RAV4 that no longer starts to the BMW you crashed last week, we will buy your vehicle and make you a fair offer.

The Process

The entire car selling process is designed to be easy and convenient for you. In fact, you never even need to leave your home to do so.

The whole car selling process can be completed in just four steps!

1. You provide us with some details about your vehicle including the year, model, location, and condition of the car

2. We will provide you with an instant, fair quote for your vehicle

3. Once you accept the quote, we will then send one of our friendly team members out to your home or location to pick up the vehicle FREE of charge

4. Our crews will perform a quick inspection on the vehicle and provide you with paperwork to fill out. Once done, you will receive CASH on the spot

When you work with the team at SellMax, you can be confident that you receive the best, fair rate for your vehicle. We will never offer you an unfair price for your car. SellMax also has a NO HIDDEN FEES GUARANTEED policy, which means that the price you see is the price you get and you do not have to pay any additional charges for us to buy your vehicle.

The team at SellMax literally turns your vehicle into a fat stack of cash in just minutes!

Why Choose SellMax?

SellMax is the only choice that makes sense when you want to sell your vehicle. The reason behind this is because:

We Offer All The following Services in El Cajon

·         We are fair

·         We pay you on the spot

·         Free pickup of your vehicle

·         Friendly team members

·         No hassle

·         Ho hidden fees

· We also offer an Ecology cash for cars service in El Cajon.

When you want to sell your car in El Cajon, you can call our team! Don’t waste time posting ads in the local newspaper and definitely, do not take your vehicle to the local dealer, where they will just turn you away or pay you a low rate for your vehicle.

Count on SellMax today.

Call Now for a FREE Quote

SellMax is ready to work with you and to get the ball rolling, all you have to do is call us today at (619) 810-9332. We can’t wait to discuss your vehicle and provide you with a cash quote that will make you gasp for air.

Stop hesitating and let us give you the cash you deserve for your clunker today! 

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In El Cajon

Vehicle ZIP Code Price Offered
2006 Nissan Altima92090$721
2006 BMW 525xi92021$769
2012 Honda Civic92019$550
2006 Ford Taurus92020$667
2012 Ford Crown Victoria92022$672
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