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Cash for Cars in Oakland, CA


At SellMax we have a quick Cash For Cars Oakland service. Are you tired of sitting around calling a bunch of companies that offer cash for cars in Oakland and not getting the responses that you want? Are you upset by the fact that you keep getting low balled whenever you try to sell your car? If you are, there is no reason to keep trying to sell your car to the dealership or other cash for car companies. SellMax is here is purchase your vehicle and pay you top price for it.

In fact, SellMax WANTS to buy your vehicle from you and we want to give you the most money that we can. We believe in providing you with a FAIR price for your car. Unfortunately, we often hear about how companies will try to offer a low price and pass it off as if it is a grand price for the vehicle. These companies are making a profit off of your vehicle and leaving you with nothing in return.


How Exactly Can I Junk Cars In Oakland?

In order to junk a car in Oakland you simply call our company. We buy junk cars fast, and we will make you a cash offer. At SellMax we will even buy your vehicle if it has a clean title, a salvage title, or a rebuilt title. We are not picky in regards to the types of cars that we buy. We buy honda civics, toyota camrys, jeep wranglers and various other automobiles. We always ensure that the tow will be free as well. As we have our own tow trucks that work directly with us.


Can I get Cash For Junk Cars With No Title in Oakland?

If you can provide proof of ownership of the vehicle we are able to purchase your car from you without the title. The vehicle will need to be free from any lien holders, which in simple terms means you do not owe anyone money for the vehicle.


What Do You Do With The Junk Cars That You Buy?

Many of the vehicles we buy are either used for spare parts, or recycled for the scrap metal. Since, we have various industry connections we are able to buy cars for cash that other would typically not be interested in. So, when it comes time to find Oakland junk car removal, or Oakland junk car buyers we are an excellent option opposed to other options like junkyards or salvage yards.


Working with the team at SellMax means that you will never feel like you have been ripped off or scammed out of your vehicle. While it may seem too good to be true, it is not.

The team at SellMax is ready to provide you with cash for cars in Oakland, CA. We will even come out to your location to pick up your vehicle FREE of charge. You never have to pay any fee for us to come get your vehicle and you can stay at home for the entire transaction.


Why Should I Sell My Car To SellMax In Oakland?

When it comes to the amount of money you receive for your vehicle, you will be shocked – in a good way of course. We offer the HIGHEST prices around Oakland, California and we even invite you to check it out and see. We will still offer you the same quote when you have checked out the other companies and compared quotes. We've got a wide service area and we can even come to you throughout all of Oakland, California.

Ready to sell your vehicle? Awesome. Let’s take a look at who SellMax is and the process of selling your vehicle to us.

We Buy Cars In Oakland. Any Make, Model or condition.

You heard that right! At SellMax we pay cash for cars in Oakland. This includes cash for junk in Oakland, cash for clunkers and junkers, cash for damaged cars in Oakland, with free junk car removal included.

Our team is made up of friendly car buyers who want to turn your old vehicle into a lump sum of cash. We pay the highest prices for ALL vehicles and we take vehicles in ANY condition. From start to finish, the process of selling your vehicle to us is streamlined and easy. So you can stop asking your self "How am I going to sell my car in Oakland" and get straight to calling our company.

Our founders, Tom and Tony, first thought of SellMax because there was a need for it in the community. In fact, prior to SellMax in 1990, you only had two ways to sell your vehicle. Both of these ways were crap, so to speak, and they made the process ridiculously difficult. One of the ways to sell your vehicle prior to SellMax was to take it to a local dealership and pray that they would give you more than a $20 bill for it. The other way was to post an advertisement in the local newspaper or flyer and hope that someone called who was interested.

Tom and Tony knew there had to be another way to sell your vehicle and that is why they came up with a “Cash for Cars” model, which is still in effect today. This model is a buy all vehicle policy, which means that SellMax will purchase your vehicle from you no matter what condition it is in. We buy pristine cars, damaged cars, junk cars, and more.

Sell Your Vehicle In Oakland with Ease Today

Selling your car is not fun, but it can be when you work with the team at SellMax. In fact, we are committed to making sure the process is easy from step one through step four. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. SellMax will buy your vehicle from you in just four steps!

In fact, the process is so convenient that you can complete it online. No more having to drive your vehicle somewhere and no more trying to plan around your work schedule to make it happen.

Let’s take a look at the exact process now.

1. Head over to our website and fill out our information form about your vehicle. We will require you to enter in some basic information such as the year, make, model, location, and condition of the car.

2. We will then provide you with an instant quote based on the information that you have provided us with.

3. If you are happy with the quote, you can schedule an appointment for one of our friendly team members to come out to your location. We will come to your home or any other location you want. When we arrive, we will inspect the vehicle quickly and then have you sign some paperwork.

4. Once the paperwork is completed, we will hand over the cash to you and take your vehicle from your property or the location. And yes we do pay cash.

5.) We handle all of the DMV paperwork with you, and we can even buy your car from you if it isn't passing the smog emissions test.

Selling your vehicle is easy and as you can see, the process is as simple as it can be. One of the best things about working with SellMax is that we make a promise to you. We will NEVER charge you any hidden or surprise fees. The quote you see is the amount you will receive in your hand on the day you sell your vehicle to us.

Ready to Sell Your Vehicle For Cash?

When you are ready to sell your vehicle, trust the professionals at SellMax and give us a call today. We will provide you with a FREE quote over the phone for your vehicle. If you are running short on time, fill out our form online and receive an instant cash quote. 

We look forward to working with you and promise to pay you the highest price for your vehicle. 

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Oakland

2020 Acura TLX 94605 05-14-2024 $528
1986 Bmw M3 94625 05-11-2024 $547
2021 Hyundai NEXO 94601 05-11-2024 $500
1987 Mercedes-benz 300 94613 05-10-2024 $664
1972 Mercedes-benz 230.4 94660 05-08-2024 $911
1991 Bmw 525 94617 05-07-2024 $683
1972 Maserati Ghibli 94614 05-07-2024 $367
1972 Ac 428 94607 05-05-2024 $393
1989 Ford Thunderbird 94619 05-05-2024 $986
2023 Volvo V90 Cross Country 94623 05-04-2024 $311
2008 Chrysler Neon 94615 05-04-2024 $470
1995 Buick Riviera 94610 05-03-2024 $475
1993 Pontiac Firebird 94609 05-03-2024 $578
1981 Plymouth Trail Duster 94666 05-02-2024 $951
2023 Lexus LS 500h 94603 05-02-2024 $580

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