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 Do you have a car you need to sell?  Relax, your life is about to get a whole lot easier. Through our super simple process, we trade big stacks of cash for cars in Oceanside.  Our process is so simple, in fact, you don't even need to leave home to sell us your car.  That statement may just be enough to convince you.  If so, great!  Give us a call at 800-225-7500 and one of our experts will guide you through a few short steps that lead to your pile of money. 

Why you shoud use our cash for cars service in Oceanside, CA

We have a long history of success, just check out our yelp page to see the satisfied customers. It all began in 1990 with two men, Tom and Tony, who wanted to simplify the car selling experience.  Before SellMax, the process of selling a car was a long, drawn-out hassle.  First you had to take out an ad in local newspapers and wait for an interested buyer to contact you.  Then began the frustrating process of test drives, tire kicking and haggling over price. 

Our founders were convinced there had to be a better way to sell a car in Oceanside but we were unable to find it.  So, they set out to create it.  They took their passions for making people happy and keeping things simple and converted them into the SellMax model.   More than two decades and thousands of happy customers later, SellMax has expanded to locations across the country. 

We Buy Junk Cars For Cash In Oceanside

Since those early days of collaboration between Tom and Tony over 26 years ago, a lot has changed.  Today our phones fit in our pockets, our computers fit in our backpacks and our TVs hang on the wall.  We text, email, Skype and our most embarrassing moments usually end up on YouTube.    Despite all the changes time and technology have brought, some things remain the same at SellMax in Oceanside.  Things like honesty, customer service with a smile and good old-fashioned respect of others.

While the internet and social media have made most things easier, selling a car is still time-consuming hard work.  Sure it’s easier to post a car for sale online now but beyond that the process is still very much the same.  Wait for a buyer to respond, let them look under the hood and haggle until one of you gives up in exasperation.  These days, in addition to the hassle of no-show buyers and hagglers, you now need to worry about internet creeps and scams.  We offer a proven alternative. 

Selling your car for cash with SellMax in Oceanside involves four easy steps.

  1. Give us a few details.  We need to know the year, model, where it is located and the condition of the vehicle.  This can be done on the phone or by filling out an easy online form.
  2. We give you a quote.  We make you a competitive offer.  We don’t have any hidden fees – guaranteed! We are completely transparent.  The price we give is the price you get.
  3. We pick up your car at your chosen location.  We can come to your house, your place of work or anywhere you like.  Our friendly team members will do a quick check of your car, a little paperwork, then we get out of your hair.
  4. You count your cash.

It really is that easy.  Poof!  Your car turns into cash.  But like our tagline says, we aren’t magicians.  We are just a team of people who value honesty and simplicity. 

Before you decide, take a look at some of the benefits of Selling us your used car In Oceanside

  • We buy literally any car including junk cars and damaged cars.  If you’re finally ready to let go of the car that saw you through high school and college we’d love to have it.  If you have one too many vehicles in your European sports car collection we’ll gladly take it off your hands.  We don’t discriminate.  We love all cars equally. 
  • We pick up your car for free at your convenience.
  • We work hard to give you the most money for your car and will never try to take advantage or short change you.
  • We want you to get every penny your car is worth.  Our quotes are honest evaluations. 
  • Delivering excellent customer service is our first and foremost mission.  Ensuring our customers have a great experience has been our number one priority since our founding in 1990 and that will never change. 
  • We have a reputation for being friendly, professional and reliable.  We’re quite proud of that reputation although we don’t work hard to maintain it.  Friendliness just comes naturally to our team members. 
  • We don’t pressure you.  Ever.  No one likes high pressure tactics, especially us. 

How To Junk A Car In Oceanside, California

You see, we’re not just in the car buying business.  We are also making the world a better place.  We want everyone we deal with to be happy with their experience.  Because if you’re happy, we’re happy and happy people make the world a nicer place. 

Speaking of making the world a nicer place, just image how nice your world would be if you could convince your neighbors to get rid of all those cars they have sitting around the front yard.  Let them know about the awesome money making opportunity they have right outside their door. 

Why Allowing Us To Buy Your Junk Car In Oceanside Is the Best Option

At this point you probably have some concerns such as what you will do with all the extra time and money you will have after you sell us your car.  May we suggest getting out and seeing the sights in beautiful Oceanside?  You could check out the California Surf Museum located downtown or the Thursday evening Sunset Market for some local entertainment and vendors. 

Of course you may prefer to stay in the comfort of your home to relax.  In that case, you could use your cash to stuff your mattress or make lots of origami birds and flowers.

By now you are probably convinced that the best way to get rid of that unwanted car is to let us help you.  Don’t wait any longer, give us a call and collect your cash.


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