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Okay, let’s have some real talk right now. Selling your vehicle is difficult and horrendously annoying. Right? Of course it is and unfortunately, there may be no better way to do it, right? Wrong. SellMax is ready to buy your vehicle from you and pay you the highest dollar for them. In fact, we want to purchase your vehicle from you.

Previous to SellMax, you needed to sell your vehicle by posting an advertisement in the newspaper or online and meeting strangers in awkward places to have odd conversations about your car. Then, the situation would be even more awkward if the person had no interest in the car and so on.

It is just as equally annoying if you have to go to the dealership because it simply sucks to find out that after you waste an hour or two, the dealership does not want to offer you a fair price for your vehicle.

Before you start to panic, there is a better way to sell your vehicle and that is to one of the SellMax representatives. We are here to help you and we want to buy your vehicle from you for a FAIR and HONEST price. In fact, we make it so easy for you to sell your car, that you can complete it in just four steps from the comfort of your home. Pretty awesome, huh?

We like to think so and we know that you are already picturing what you can do with the money that you receive from your old beat up vehicle. One of the best things about SellMax is that we will pay you for your vehicle the SAME day too, unless you have a specific day in mind.

Let’s Introduce Ourselves Formally

We told you a bit about what we can do for you above, but we have not formally told you about who we are and we think that it is about time that we do.

Our founders, Tom and Tony, started SellMax in 1990 because they realized how difficult it truly was for people to get the most cash for cars in Los Angeles. Not only were the prices unfair, the process was so difficult that many people would just not sell their vehicle at all because let’s face it – it wasn’t worth the hassle.

The two main ways that you could sell your vehicle prior to SellMax were by posting an add online or in the newspaper and taking it to a dealership. Both of these ways proved to be too much of a hassle and most people just didn’t bother with selling their vehicle.

Tom and Tony specifically created a cash for cars model that is still in effect today and continues to prove fruitful. This model also comes with a buy all policy, which means that SellMax will pay you cash for any vehicle that you bring into us and we will accept any vehicle in any condition. We do not mess around when it comes to cars and we will purchase yours from you.

This policy and model worked so well that there are SellMax locations all over the US and they actively purchase vehicles from customers.

Why Working with SellMax is a Great Decision

You may be hesitant to work with SellMax and we do not blame you. In fact, it can be difficult to work with a new company when you are so used to hearing answers and quotes that you do not want to.

SellMax offers the fairest prices on your vehicle, but that is not the only reason why you should be working with us. Check out some of the other reasons why you should depend on us:

1. We are licensed.

Our company is licensed, which means we do not play games with you and we are serious about purchasing your vehicle from you. You will receive only the fairest offers from us from the moment you contact us.

2. We will come to your location.

It is true. You never even need to leave your home. We will come to your house or any other location that you want us to. And the best part? We don’t charge you a dime to do it.

3. No hidden fees is our promise.

We never impose any hidden or surprise charges on you. In fact, the amount you are quoted is the amount of money that you will receive from us without any hesitation. We even tow your vehicle away for FREE.

4. We don’t waste time.

Tired of the dealership waiting game? Yep, none of that here. In fact, we can often meet you and purchase your vehicle the SAME day that you receive a quote from us.

5. We buy all vehicles.

No vehicle is too good or too bad for us. We will purchase any vehicle that you bring to us working or not. We have a buy all cars policy in place and we follow it strictly. So, if you have an old junker or a car that fails to meet the minimum requirements for the car buy back program you can still contact us.

Selling Your Vehicle to SellMax is a Breath of Fresh Air

If you are ready to sell your vehicle to us, you do not have to jump through a bunch of hoops to do it. You can complete the sale in just four steps.

1. Give us some info about your vehicle such as the condition of it, the year, make, model, and its location.

2. We will provide you with a quote for the vehicle.

3. We will meet you at your home or your desired location and perform a quick inspection and have you sign a couple of forms.

4. We will place the cash in your hand and leave with your vehicle.

It really is that easy. We were not making it up. In fact, we are ready to seal the deal if you are. Simply give us a call now.

Contact Us Now for a FREE Instant Offer

If you want to sell your vehicle, we have the cash ready – all you need to do is call SellMax now. 

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Los Angeles

Vehicle ZIP Code Price Offered
2009 Chevrolet Aveo90086$934
2001 Toyota Paseo90082$824
2010 Chevrolet Camaro90030$544
2001 Toyota Paseo90035$797
2001 Nissan 240SX90058$895
2014 Ford C-max90036$621
1995 Nissan Sentra90078$811
2014 Toyota SCION xD90052$648
2008 Toyota Yaris90020$781
1999 Nissan 240SX90045$761
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