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Good news exists for Vallejo CA residents. They can now sell their cars to a reliable company that can put cash in their hands ASAP. Are you a Vallejo CA resident who wants to sell your car ASAP? Call us at SellMax Cash For Cars, and we can help you with that. You won’t have to wait or go back and forth with someone who is trying to offer you less than your vehicle is worth. Call us and be sure that you are receiving a fair quote. Call us today and allow us to quote you a price. 


A Reliable Vallejo CA Car Buyer

We’re here for all Vallejo CA residents who have a car that they have been trying to sell to no avail. We are a buyer that prides ourselves on how we treat consumers when it comes to quotes. We know that our customers have bills to pay, and they want to get the most out of their vehicles. Therefore, we use only the most recent pricing grids, and we treat problems and blemishes lightly. Many of the people who call us for price quotes end up being shocked about our offer. They tell us horror stories about offers they received from dealerships and random people. Don’t trade in your car and get nothing. Contact us and get tangible cash in your hands that you can use for whatever you please. 


We Do It All

Our service is one that accommodates on every level. From the moment you call our office to the moment you close the deal, we accommodate. We help you understand the quote that we give you. We do all the paperwork that the transaction entails. We also take your vehicle from the premises with our tow truck, and we charge you not one penny to do so. Free towing is a rarity that not everyone offers. 

And don't worry even if you can't retire your car to the state of California, we will still buy.


Types of Vehicles That We Buy

You may be hesitant to call because you have a car that other people consider as junk. Maybe your car is severely damaged, non-working or just plain ugly. Don’t worry because we love ugly. We buy vehicles of many conditions and appearances. We buy all makes and models. We buy old cars and new cars. In fact, we appreciate when we come across a vehicle that has been around the block a few times. 


Why People Sell Their Cars to Us

People in the area continue to call us and sell us their cars. They frequently refer us to their friends and family members, as well. The reason that they do this is because they know that they can trust us to give them an honest quote as well as prompt service. They know that our buyers are certified and that they go through an extensive background check before we hire them. Furthermore, our customers love the accommodating way that we provide services to them. You will appreciate it, too. 

The Process

The first step in the process should be gathering all the details that you have about your vehicle. We will want to know information such as the make, model, creation date and mileage of the car. We will also want to know the overall condition of the vehicle. Please let us know if it has dents, scuffs, chips and other blemishes. Please let us know if it is working or non-working. We will put all that information together to come up with the appropriate quote to offer you. Any misinformation will cause your quote to be incorrect. We don’t want that to happen.

You are under no obligation to do business with us. If you do not like the quote that we give you, you can turn it down immediately and go on your way. Let us know if you do like the quote, however, and we will come to you straightaway. Our certified buyer will show up at your doorstep or office door and give you the money that you desire. Then he or she will take it one step further by towing the car away for you. We provide you with a completely hassle-free experience 


Call Us Today

Contact us today to sell your vehicle online. The number to the office is 707-236-8887. Someone will take your information quickly and try to get the process rolling for you. To make sure that it goes quickly, write down all the required information about your car before you call us. That will cut down the amount of time that you have to talk to the representative. Once you accept your quote, we can come out and give you the money that you desire. We want you to be completely satisfied with the deal, so do make sure that you give the appropriate details.

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1968 Dodge Polara 94591 01-04-2021 $964
1980 Chevrolet Blazer 94590 01-02-2021 $588
1993 Bmw 520 94592 01-02-2021 $359
2005 Noble M14 94590 01-01-2021 $674
1978 De-tomaso Deauville 94589 01-01-2021 $389
2015 Bmw ActiveHybrid 7 94591 12-30-2020 $777
2012 Lexus HS 94589 12-29-2020 $935
2003 Hyundai Sonata 94592 12-28-2020 $738
1966 Aston-martin DB6 94592 12-26-2020 $966
2005 Alpina Roadster 94590 12-26-2020 $743
1997 Acura TL 94591 12-24-2020 $637
2016 Mini Cooper Paceman 94589 12-24-2020 $463
1985 Pontiac Grand Am 94592 12-23-2020 $743
1993 Cadillac DeVille 94591 12-23-2020 $513
1955 Volvo Duett 94589 12-22-2020 $677

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