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Cash for Cars in Santa Maria, California

Hello, neighbor! Are you living in Santa Maria with a used car? Are you feeling just the slightest bit stressed out about the process? Don’t be. SellMax in Santa Maria gives cash for used cars - and we’re here to give you a hand. Our company started as a small business paying cash for junk cars in San Diego, but have since expanded throughout all of California.

Why should I Sell My Car To SellMax In Santa Maria, California?

Selling a used car can be a tricky business. It might be hard to know where to start. While your first stop might be a classified ad in the paper, we encourage you to rethink how you approach the car-selling process.

Do you really want someone you don’t know or trust to visit your home with no guarantee of a sale? We didn’t think so.

Thankfully you have SellMax in Santa Maria to help you out. We’re not your average junk car buyer. We give cash for cars in Santa Maria. No classified ads. No dealerships. No weird dude coming to your house. And to make things even better? We can give you cash on the spot!

Santa Maria Get Cash For Junk Cars

We’re located in Santa Maria, and we pride ourselves on our reputation and commitment to taking care of our neighbors here in Santa Barbara county. We buy cars in Santa Maria to help make your life just a little easier Nothing means more to us than being a trusted resource to our community when it comes to selling your car online.

With so many things going on in your life, you don’t need the stress of selling your used car. It shouldn’t be a long drawn-out process, and it shouldn’t leave you nearly empty-handed and wanting to pull your hair out.

We’d love to buy your vehicle the same day that you call us. You’ll get your car out of the way while padding your wallet with some cash.


Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Junk Cars In Santa Maria, CA

When we tell folks about our quick, painless business plan, we get a lot of raised eyebrows and questions.


  • Will you buy my car as is?  You bet! You don’t even need to take it to the car wash or to have it detailed.
  • Will you buy my new car? Of course! Call us before trading in a car to dealer!
  • Will you buy my damaged or salvaged car? Sounds good to us!
  • Will you buy my car even if it doesn’t run? Not a problem!
  • Will you even buy that junk car that’s collecting weeds in my yard? Absolutely! Call us before you sell a car to the junkyard in Santa Maria.
  • Will you buy my truck? Absolutely we help individuals who are looking to sell a truck online everyday.


We Buy Cars As-Is in Santa Maria, CA!

Times get tough. We get that. If you find yourself in a position where you need fast cash, let us know. We can buy your car as it is today.

Please don’t worry about getting it cleaned or detailed. We’re not worried about that. What we want is for you to get the cash that you need as soon as you can. We’re all neighbors here.


We Buy Nice Cars Too!

With the economic and ecological benefits of using public transport, you might find yourself wanting to part with your nice, used car. We applaud this decision! You’re helping the environment and saving yourself some money. Smart move!

Don’t waste your time at a dealership for a trade in. Your time is better spent with your family and friends. Give us a call at SellMax in Santa Maria, and we can give you cash for your nice car.


Cash for Damaged Cars in Santa Maria

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you know how stressful of a time this can be. If you’ve been injured, you’ll be worried about medical bills. If your car was damaged, you’re going to be waiting to hear back from the insurance company while also racking up a bill at the auto body shop. Not to mention the cost of a tow.


That’s where SellMax in Santa Maria comes in. We’ll give you cash for your damaged car or salvaged car. Yes, even if it hasn’t been repaired! Don’t feel like you need to spend money to recover from this accident.


Cash for Non-Running Cars in Santa Maria

Are you the person who starts a project with a car and then never gets around to actually finishing that project? You’re not the only one around here; and we understand. Life gets busy.


Even with the best of intentions, projects like yours fall to the wayside. Why not take this as an opportunity to put some cash into your pocket?


We’ll pay cash for your car, even if it’s not running! Cash you could use to fund another project, even. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.




Cash for Junk Cars in Santa Maria


Let’s take the discussion of non-running cars to the next level. Do you have a vehicle or two that not only doesn’t run,  but is collecting dust, weeds, flowers, and maybe a critter or two?


Don’t turn your yard into a graveyard for forgotten cars; especially when you could be turning those cars into cash! Give SellMax in Santa Maria a call and we’ll help make your yard beautiful again.


Cash for Cars in Santa Maria - Yes, Even YOUR Car!


We want to turn your inconveniences into cash. It really doesn’t matter to us what condition your car is in. The next time you find yourself in a financial crisis, collision, or even if you’re just trying to clear up your garage, give SellMax in Santa Maria a call.

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2007 Jeep Cherokee 93456 04-01-2024 $616
1992 Dodge Ram 93458 03-31-2024 $938
2006 Hyundai Azera 93454 03-30-2024 $992
2013 Chevrolet Corvette 93458 03-30-2024 $763
2006 Mazda CX-7 93456 03-30-2024 $712
2019 Honda Crosstour 93457 03-27-2024 $960
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2009 Mercedes-benz CLC 93456 03-25-2024 $499
2014 Mercedes-benz CLS-Class 93457 03-25-2024 $984
1990 Pontiac Grand Am 93454 03-24-2024 $576
1994 Ford Escort 93454 03-23-2024 $723

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