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Did that first car from your teen years finally wear out? How about a family station wagon that’s seen its last vacation? You might be wondering, “What now?” “Where will I find the money to replace that car?” “Who’s going to take it in this condition?” That’s where we come in. If your ride breaks down, call SellMax—our national team of car-buying experts can quickly and easily turn that old car into money in your pocket.

Simple Beginnings

Founded in San Diego in 1990, SellMax is based on a simple idea. Selling old cars can be a complicated, tiring process. You might end up placing ads on different websites, chatting back-and-forth with potential buyers, or trying to find a dealer who will give you a fair price. So our founders, Tom and Tony, decided that people selling their cars deserved a headache-free process.

The keys to this process?

A “buy-all-cars" policy. This means we’ll never evaluate your car and then decide we won’t take it. Evaluations are purely to get you the best deal that we can. We believe putting customer experience first means a place where you can bring your old car and get it sold—guaranteed. A promise of cash for your car. SellMax has proven time and again that our model offers competitive prices for all cars that beats out other buyers’ prices PLUS the added convenience of multiple locations and a quick turnaround.

So, with our buy-all-cars policy and a guarantee of cash in return, SellMax became the gold standard for people all over the nation looking to get good money for junked cars.

What is Junk Car Buying?

When many people think about selling their car, they imagine a person-to-person sale, or a used car dealership. And while these options can be great, they don’t help you if the car is busted, but you still need to make some money out of it. Junk car buyers offer a unique option for these situations. We specialize in buying broken-down, damaged, even unusable vehicles. Seriously. Whatever condition your car is in, we can find a deal for it. But, you might be wondering, why do this? What’s the value in a junked car? Well, even in a car that’s far from functioning, there’s still a lot that can be useful to a buyer who knows what’s what. If a car has its bones intact, but just isn’t working internally, we can sometimes fix it up or refurbish it so that it’s working again; that’s just one way junk cars have value.

If a car isn’t in tip-top shape structurally, there’s still a lot we can do with it. There’s a market for old car parts that aren’t being made anymore. If your car has important pieces intact, we could get a pretty good deal for them. In the hands of experienced car buyers like the SellMax team, you can get more value for your car than you might have thought possible.


How Our Junk Car Buying Process Works

If you’re new to the process of selling an old car, that’s no problem. Our method involves just a few easy steps. First, we get to know the car we’re working with—you tell us things like the year, model, and condition of your car. You can do this either over the phone or by filling out a form online. The reason for this is, the more info you can give us about your car, the more tools we have at our disposal to get you the best deal.

Next, our math whizzes come up with a quote while you wait; no obligations, no hidden fees. Once we make a deal, we come to you. We can meet you where you choose and when you choose to trade the car and sign the papers. We get that our customers have busy lives, so we put convenience first by coming to your home, work, or anywhere else. AND all of our locations are open 24/7. You heard us right; that’s what happens when you value high-quality client care.

Then—that's it! We have the car and you have the money. With a guarantee of no tricks and no hidden fees, we’re proud to offer you an honest deal for your old car without all the hassle. In fact, we usually buy cars on the same day you contact us, and often within an hour! Because we don’t like the waiting game, and we’re sure you don’t either. And If you have any problems or questions after the fact, we’ll still be just a call away, ready to help you sort things out.

Local Junk Car Buyers—Great Service in Your Area

When we started, we made a name for ourselves as the destination for old-car buying in San Diego. Since then, we’ve put down roots all over the United States to help as many people as we can sell their junk car at a fair price. We now have 128 locations across 36 states. What does this mean? Our teams know your communities. SellMax bring the resources and know-how of a national company, but you can still talk to and visit a team in your area. Head to our Locations page if you're searching for a junk car buyer near me, because we've certainly got a location in your area.

Here to Help You

Aside from our easy process and convenience, another reason people keep choosing SellMax is our team of friendly agents dedicated to giving you a positive experience. We believe that a high-quality customer experience isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about feeling valued and having your voice heard. That’s why our philosophy is and will always be customer service that goes the extra mile, both in helpfulness and in industry knowledge—our agents are experts in finding great prices for all kinds of cars. Visit the Meet the Team page on our website to learn more about our group at HQ, and stop into your local SellMax to meet the people working hard for you in your area!

No Title Needed

No title? No. Problem. If you’ve been trying to sell that car, you may have run up against some walls if you don’t have the car title. If it’s lost, you may have trouble finding a buyer—even if the title is in your name. Well, we understand. Life happens. As long as you can show that you don’t owe any money on the car, we’ll buy it, with or without a title. But . . . what if that’s not the case? What if I do still owe money on the car? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered there too. If you have an outstanding balance on the car, we’ll pay off the rest and give you the remainder. Boom. You bypass the bank stress and still come out with some cash for yourself. Speaking of which, in other types of car sales, you might also have additional hurdles to clear. Like whether or not the car has passed its smog inspection. But good news: because we are a licensed dealer, we can buy your car with or without a valid smog inspection and without any liability on your part.

Top-Paying Junk Car Buyers

At this point, you might be wondering whether this deal is too good to be true. Cars in any condition? Even knowing the different ways junk cars are valuable, how is it possible that I can get competitive pricing for my worn-out car? Our secret—low overhead costs. Because we made the choice to build our model around customer satisfaction, our low costs mean we frequently beat the offers of other junk car buyers all over the country. Private buyers may try to get the lowest price for your car that they can. But, because we’re a national company, we’ve structured our system to work for us by working for you. Still hard to believe? Call us today to find out why we’re the choice of car sellers everywhere.

Here's the Bottom Line

So—now you know the deal with junk-car buying. You’ve heard the SellMax story, and know what the special sauce is that makes us rise above the competition. You understand our quick and easy process from car to cash. And you know some of the common hurdles to selling your junked car, and how we can help you get over them.

SellMax started out with two guys and the belief that there must be an easier way to sell your old car. Twenty-nine years and thirty-five states later, we’re proof that a focus on convenience, clarity, and customer service makes for a trusted and sustainable business with roots all over the country. Want to learn more? Visit us at our website, or give us a call at (800)-225-7500. Get in touch today—we can’t wait to show you what the hype is all about, and get to work buying your car!