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Are you tired of trying to find someone to buy your car? Someone who will pay you what the car is worth? Or, are you unsure of what to do with the vehicle that once ran, but no longer does? The team at SellMax is here to help you fix that problem. We purchase ALL vehicles, no matter their condition or shape.

Have a broken down car? No problem. Have vehicles that have been in accidents? Don’t worry! Is your vehicle running on its last leg? Stop hesitating. When we said that SellMax takes ALL vehicles, we meant it. We take damaged, junk, and even vehicles in decent shape.

But, the best part of it all? SellMax will pay you a FAIR and DECENT price for your car. We do NOT rip you off and we give you the cash you deserve. We have no tricks up our sleeves, just cash to hand out for your vehicle.

Working with the team at SellMax is simple and easy. In fact, we have completely streamlined the process to ensure that you never have to worry about headaches, obligations, and hassles.

While you may be ready to sell your vehicle, we have run into concerns from customers because they do not know how to get their vehicle to us. If your vehicle is not running, it would not make much sense to pay a tow truck to bring it somewhere because that would just eat money out of your cash stack. SellMax has a solution for this. We provide FREE pickup of your vehicle from your home or any other location that you desire. One of our friendly team members will meet with you and you will never incur a charge for us picking up the vehicle you are selling us.

When it comes to the SellMax car selling process, you never even have to leave your home. You can remain comfortable and never inconvenienced. If you are ready to sell your vehicle, call us now.

Ready to learn more about who we are here at SellMax? Awesome! Let’s take a look.

SellMax: Learn Our Story

Who is SellMax you may ask? We are the car magicians. We are the car wizards. The car gurus. Those who love vehicles and much more. In fact, you can think of us as whoever you want us to be. We are okay with that.

Here in our office though, we like to think of ourselves as the car wizards who take your vehicle and turn it into cold hard cash. That sounds pretty awesome, right? We think so.

In 1990, SellMax was first opened because the founders, Tom and Tony, we unhappy with the options that consumers had to sell their vehicles. If you never tried to sell a vehicle back in the day, you may have never experienced the difficulty. Basically, there were only two ways to sell your vehicle and that included posting an ad in the local newspaper and hoping for someone to bite and call OR you could take your vehicle down to the local dealership and pray that you were given more than just a few dollars and change for the car.

Tom and Tony knew this needed to change and they were unhappy with the way the car selling process was as it stood. Therefore, Tom and Tony created what is known as the “Cash for Cars” model and it is still in effect today. This model is basically a buy-all-cars policy that states that SellMax will take ANY vehicle, no matter its condition, and offer you the fairest price for it.

This model has worked wonders since its inception and many customers have turned their old beat up metal for cash! Why not try it out?

The Process of Selling Your Vehicle to Us

If you have never sold a vehicle for cash before, you likely do not know what it is you need to do or how it works. Fortunately, SellMax has one of the easiest processes on the planet and it can be completed in four short steps from the comfort of your home.

Let’s take a look at what to expect!

1. The first step in the process is to head over to our website and provide us with some basic details about your vehicle such as the make, model, year, location, and the condition that your vehicle is currently in.

2. We will provide you with an instant quote based on the information that you entered for us. We want to warn you that you may want to brace yourself in your seat because the price you are about to see is going to be awesome.

3. Next, you will meet with one of our car experts who will look at your vehicle and provide you with some paperwork to be signed. Our friendly car gurus will meet you at ANY location that you want from your home to the local market and more. The pickup of your vehicle is FREE too.

4. Once you have signed the paperwork, we will hand over the cash to you and haul off your vehicle.

Working with SellMax is one of the easiest processes on the planet and we want you to know that you can depend on us. We also offer a no hidden fee or surprise charge policy, which means you will never have to pay any ridiculous fees out of pocket. The quote that you receive is the amount of money you receive.

Get in Touch with Us Today for a FREE Quote

If you are interested in receiving a FREE quote for your vehicle, contact SellMax now. We offer the fairest cash for cars in Fresno and want you to know that we will never rip you off or steal your vehicle out from underneath you by masking it with what seems to be a good price.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us now or fill out our convenient online form and we will be in touch shortly. 

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2005 Mercedes-benz Sprinter 93729 12-22-2019 $589
2014 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe 93772 12-22-2019 $538
2000 Dodge Dakota 93780 12-22-2019 $589
1999 Pontiac GTO 93888 12-21-2019 $900
2001 Mcc Smart 93773 12-20-2019 $740
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1996 Subaru Outback 93750 12-18-2019 $323
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