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SellMax Can Buy Your Car in Bostonia, CA

The time will always come—for every car and every car owner: You’re going to have to get a different car. The roadster you had as a teen won’t work for the family. The family gets larger, so you get an SUV—and maybe even a van. In the end, you may even wind up with a roadster again.


Every time this happens, you have to sell a car, and you dread it. All your usual options seem to have flaws. What do you do?


  • Trade It In …

If you have a late-model car in excellent condition, this may be a viable option. But if your car has high mileage, or sports a few dings, the credit they might give you plummets—if they take the car at all.

  • Sell It To a Friend …   

This may turn out well. Sometimes, though, it results in bruised feelings or buyer’s remorse.

  • Advertise on Craigslist …   

The very large drawback here is that people you don’t know may be coming to Bostonia—to your home. The haggling may go on for weeks with no result.

The truth is, nobody really likes doing this. We’d all rather be watching the Sky Aces or hiking in Bostonia’s Mission Trails Park.


We are SellMax, and We Have an Alternative for You.


SellMax buys cars exclusively from individuals like you—folks who want a quick, safe, trustable system that delivers a transaction with no haggling and no worries. Our streamlined online evaluation system returns in a rock-solid quote within hours and an all-cash payment to you for your car, usually within 24 hours.


We Buy Cars in Every Possible Condition.


You may think there’s no chance we’ll take your car—but it’s very likely we will. We can recognize the value in your car, even if you think it’s pure junk. We want:


  • Late model-cars in great shape
  • Cars in damaged or “as is” condition
  • Junk cars
  • Junk cars that aren’t even running. We’ll remove it for free!

Here’s How It Works:


  • Fill out our clear, concise form, available online 24/7 at http//sellmax.com/quote/
  • The SellMax Bostonia agents will make you an offer.
  • If you accept, you’ll choose a place in or near Bostonia where we can meet.
  • You bring your title and ID and sign simple release form.
  • We pay you cash-in-full for your car—on the spot.


We at SellMax have helped thousands of people sell their cars by providing clear, rapid, painless transactions devoid of hassles, haggling, and loose ends. We promise an efficient system run by reliable agents to help you send your old car—no matter what condition it’s in—to its new life, leaving you free to pursue yours.


We’re here to help with any question you may have. We look forward to hearing from you when you’re ready to begin.



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