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Just picture it. You’re looking forward to a peaceful visit to the San Mateo Japanese Gardens. Lilly pads floating softly in the afternoon breeze. Koi fish swaying through the ornamental pond. Leaves skimming the top of the water. You’re already entering into your meditative headspace. Ohmmmm.

But then you remember that you’re supposed to be spending the day placing ads to sell your car online or finding somewhere to trade it in. Daydream ruined. Until…you remember that SellMax in San Mateo will send you an offer for your car right now so you can get back to your Zen place with ease and peace of mind.

We Buy Cars in San Mateo. All Of Them.

Rest your car worries at our feet, young grasshopper. SellMax in San Mateo pays cash for any type of car no matter what it looks like or what it sounds like. We’re here to make you a same-day offer for your ride, regardless of what shape it’s in.

That’s right, even if your car doesn’t run, we’ll still give you cash for it! And we're known as the place that buys junk cars for top dollar througout San Mateo.

We buy cars that are in great condition, as-in condition, damaged condition, and even old scrap cars that haven’t moved since the Buddha walked the earth. We pay cash for junk cars in San Mateo and we even buy cars with salvaged titles which can make them tricky to trade.

We’re not picky; we swipe right on all cars, no matter their body type. SellMax will arrange for a free pick-up of that ancient hoopty by our San Mateo junk car removal team who will gingerly tow it to its final resting place (the junk yard, ya’ll).

Just to Recap, San Mateo Sellers! We Buy:

  • Cars that don’t run.
  • Cars that barely run.
  • We'll help you when you're wondering "how can I sell my salvage car?"
  • Cars in damaged condition.
  • We'll help you to sell a broken car.
  • Cars in good condition.
  • Cars in great condition.
  • Cars. Did we mention cars?

So How Do I Sell My Car To Your Company In San Mateo?

It’s super simple from start to finish. We’ve figured out how to make the whole experience easy-peasy for our sellers. You just need to fill out our online form or give our San Mateo SellMax car buyers a call.

Once you’ve sent in the details on your ride, we give you a cash offer right then and there. Yep, it comes straight to your computer or we’ll tell you right over the phone how much scratch we’re willing to send your way.

After we send you that amazing, competitive offer, it’s as easy as just accepting and we do the rest to get that cheddar in your hands.

Your SellMax buyer in San Mateo will arrange to meet up with you, sometimes the same day, to finish up some minimal paperwork and get that casssshhhhh. We provide free pick-up and towing for all of our vehicles. It won’t cost you a dime to sell with us. If you're considering donating your car you might want to reconsider. Many individauls use us as a great alternative to donating a car for cash.

Here Are Those Steps Again:

  • Grab your computer or phone and get ready to connect with our awesome buyers.
  • Give us a call or fill out our online form to send us your car’s details. The more info, the better. That helps us give you the best, most accurate offer right away.
  • Receive a competitive offer from our San Mateo buyers on the spot, regardless of your car’s condition.
  • Meet up with our super-psyched-to-meet-you buyers, finish up some minimal paperwork, and get your Zen on with the peace of mind that you’ve got a pocket full of bank notes.

What Else You’ll Get From Us

With SellMax, you’ll get none of those hidden fees and you won’t see any extra numbers like that Trade-In Value vs. Cash Value business. 100% transparency is the name of our car-buying game.

The offer you’re given won’t change, expire, grow some kind of funky mold…that’s THE offer and you can lick it like the best cookie on the plate. It’s yours!

We’re an enthusiastic bunch, so we’re always happy to hear from our sellers! SellMax promises the best possible customer support team every step of the way. Chick-fil-a got nothing on us when it comes to service.

If you have questions throughout the experience, SellMax in San Mateo will do everything we can to make the process clear, easy, and painless.

Best of all, there’s no pressure! The offer you’re sent is exactly what we’ll give you. If you decide to let us buy your car, we do our best to keep things relaxed and communication open.

We won’t call you over and over, raising or lowering the offer as we go. SellMax knows how other car-buying encounters can be, and we want to be the best, do the best, and extend the best service possible.

So, we’re waiting. Waiting to help you find the tranquility and peace you’re looking for in selling your car with SellMax.

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2008 Bmw M6 94404 11-07-2023 $752
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