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Cash For Cars in Menifee

Get Cash For Your Car, Quick

Cash For Cars in Menifee is here to make it quick and easy to exchange your unwanted car for a fat stack of cash. So quick, in fact, that if you call today, your car could be sold by tonight and you could be holding that cash deciding exactly what to do with it. Imagine that? Your old car, taking up space in your driveway, could be exchanged for cash, today.

If you’re worrying about the condition of your car, don’t. Think it’s too old? Too messy? Worried about that flat tire or the warning light flashing on the dashboard? No worries, we buy cars in all conditions. Here are the kinds of cars we will buy from you today:

Why Sell To Us?

Selling to Cash For Cars in Menifee is so much easier that trying to do this by yourself, and we know you are busy people. Here’s a list of things you’d have to do if you decided to sell your car privately or if you try to trade it in:

  • Take quality pictures of your car
  • Clean it out
  • Fix the issues
  • Make sure the servicing is up to date
  • Find a place to advertise
  • Input the details
  • Write an advert
  • Take calls
  • Arrange viewings
  • Negotiate price
  • Arrange pick up

Phew! Do you have time for all that? I didn’t think so.

Cash for Cars in Menifee will take care of all of that for you. All you have to do is call, and we will take it from there. More time for you to put your feet up and finish that coffee, or go out and see the sights of beautiful Menifee.

But Wouldn’t It Be Easier To Just Dump It?

Do you have a car so old and crusty that you were thinking you should probably just sell the car to a junkyard in Menifee? Wouldn’t it be easier to just get a tow truck to take it away? No, my friend. If you were about to dial the number for Menifee junk car removal but landed here instead, then I’m glad you did. Because to have your car removed wouldn’t earn you a penny, in fact it’d cost you a few. The great thing about selling your car to us is that we don’t care about the condition, we get rid of it, and we pay you for it. It could be a damaged car, a salvaged car you're selling, we don’t care. We are here on the other end of the line, waiting to buy it and get it out of your hands.

So What Happens Next?

Firstly, you pick up the phone and call Cash for Cars in Menifee. Then, you give us a quick run-down on that little motor sat in your driveway. Just the basics – model, year, what kind of shape it’s in. Next up, we crunch the numbers, and voila, a number will appear before you! That’s a number that will stick, we’re not going to lower it like a car buyer, or a tradesperson might. This is the amount of dollar bills you could be holding in your hand by the end of the day. Simple, right?

Where Are We?

We've been buying used cars for decades. We started off as a service paying cash for cars in Riverside, and quickly expanded to paying cash for junk cars in Phoenix. Our expansion has been swift because our customers love the simplicity of our service. We’re located right here in Menifee, you can come see us if you like. Take a drive down Route 15, past the beautiful Lake Matthews Estelle Mountain Reserve. We love Menifee, and we love the people in it who call us, people just like you. So after you’ve been wandering the Canyon Hills Community Park, or finished a game at the Lago Vista Sports Park, head west and come see us, or just pick up the phone. Wherever you are in Menifee, we are here for you.

To Sum It All Up

Cash For Cars in Menifee is here to help you get rid of that junky old car and turn it into real money, right now. As you’re sipping your drink and looking out at it taking up space, just think of how easy it would be to exchange that old pile of junk for a stack of cash.

We will come visit you at your home, work or wherever else your car may be. Our location in Menifee makes it easy for us to come to you. We will tow your car away and leave you behind with your big grin, and your big stack of dollar bills, no hidden fees, no nonsense.

We are an honest business who just make it easy for you to turn your old car into cash. So don’t spend any more of your time staring at it or kicking it as you walk by, give us a call and turn that piece of trash into cash.

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