Turn Any Car Into Serious Cash!

Selling your Car in Phoenix? Thankfully, if you’re reading this, you have found the easiest and best paying solution in your area: SellMax.

SellMax will buy any car in any condition, and we are here to make your car selling experience as simple and fair as possible. 

Better yet, we will pick up the car you’re selling for free, so you don’t even have to leave home to get paid handsomely for your old ride!

Below, we will dive into the details of what makes SellMax the best company to consider selling a car to. But first, let’s look behind the curtains to understand the core principles and founding story of SellMax:

The Great Car-dini: Inspiring Greatness

Legend has it, the Great Car-dini (distant cousin of the famous Harry Houdini) use to roam the streets of Phoenix, turning cars that were for sale into massive stacks of cash. We’re no David Blaine, but that’s some seriously awesome magic, if you ask us.

Nobody really knows what happened to Car-dini, but one thing is known for sure: Car-dini understood the importance of delivering fair value to people who want cash for cars they are trying to sell.

In the spirit of Car-dini, SellMax has stepped up to bring the great people of Phoenix a legendary car selling experience.

SellMax: The Magic of a Great Car Selling Experience

The Real Story

It all started in the early 90’s with a simple vision: Help people sell their cars quickly for a fair price.

Before SellMax, the process of selling a car was a lot of work and, frankly, a little frustrating. Your options were:

  1. You could try to place an ad in your local newspaper and hope to get a few bites that way.


  1. You could drive your car down to a dealer, who was sure to offer the lowest price they could (Not exactly the best deal for you, Mr. Seller).

Tom and Tony (the founders of SellMax) knew there had to be a better way. The year was 1990 for Pete’s sake - the same year that the Hubble Space Telescope launched and The Simpsons hit the ground running. Clearly, innovation was happening in industries left and right, and the car selling industry was due for its own.

Inspired to create the change they wanted to see in the automobile world, Tom and Tony set out to transform the car selling industry with their simple, yet profoundly powerful, “Cash for Cars” model.

By instituting a buy-all-cars policy, the SellMax model opened a door that is as convenient as it is profitable for car sellers, thereby changing the car-selling experience for the better.

Fast forward 25 years to the present, and SellMax continues to deliver an exceptional car selling experience. The model has been so successful that SellMax has expanded to locations throughout the entire country!

Truly, this experience is as easy, awesome, and convenient as could be. But it’s one thing to just say that. Let’s take a look under the hood to understand why.   

Under the Hood: How to Sell Your Car with SellMax

Here’s how it works:

  • We buy all types of cars with welcome arms. From clunkers to Camaro, rust boxes to Rolls Royce, SellMax will make you a fair deal on any automobile you would like to sell.


  • SellMax empowers you to manage the entire process of selling a car from the comfort of your home. Just a few clicks and you’re off to the car-selling races.

The whole experience takes place over four simple steps:

  1. You provide a few quick details about the car being sold (year, model, location, and what shape it’s in)  
  2. We provide an instant quote that leaves you saying, “Where has SellMax been all my life?”
  3. We send our smiling crew to pick up your car for free at any location you prefer.
  4. After our crew’s quick inspection and some minimal paperwork, you get paid instantly!
  • With SellMax, you can rest assured that the stack of cash we quote is exactly what you will be receiving. That’s right: at SellMax, we have a No Hidden Fees Guarantee, so what you see is what you get. Cha-ching!

Have you ever seen a car turn into a fat stack of cash? At SellMax, we see this every day, as we buy cars from our happy sellers. Spoiler alert: it’s a beautiful sight!

Nothing makes us, or our customers, happier than the fair deals we consistently deliver. We work hard to ensure you receive the maximum value we can offer, when buying your car, and we wake up every day, inspired to offer huge chunks of cash with a smile on our faces.

The SellMax crew has a reputation for being some of the most passionate and friendly car experts on the market. Everyday, we are focused on creating big wins for our customers, and this shines through in the way we approach customer service.  

Say hello to an awesome experience. That is the only experience that SellMax knows how to deliver!

Consider the Alternatives: Why SellMax Makes So Much Sense

It’s always a wise choice to consider your options, anytime you are selling or buying something. We totally get that.

Sure, you could post ads in the paper and hope someone notices. The car dealership would be glad to make you an offer, but would it truly be a fair deal that paid a fair amount of cash for the car you are selling?

From what we’ve observed in the market, the answer is: likely not.

So don’t waste your time posting ads in every form of media known to man, or haggling with a car dealer to get a fair price for your car. As the saying goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

You deserve better, no matter what type of car you are trying sell, and thankfully, SellMax is the solution worth your time.

One Call to Cash In: Your Free Quote

Your SellMax experience starts by giving one of our experts a call at (602) 207-8500. If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, no worries! You can also reach out to us directly via our contact form,

In just a few, quick minutes, our team will ask you some questions and determine the sweet chunk of change we can offer for your ride. You will receive a quote right away, and we stand by our quote with our No Hidden Fees Guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a shout and transform your car to cash today!


Recently Purchased Vehicles In Phoenix

Vehicle ZIP Code Price Offered
2002 Toyota Celica85069$957
2016 Nissan Leaf85003$641
2012 Toyota Prius V85082$612
2010 Nissan Versa85097$552
2015 BMW 750Lxi85070$769
2010 Chevrolet Cruze85076$705
2012 Nissan VERSA85015$733
2006 Honda Insight85018$834
2002 Toyota Echo85074$605
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