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Our Flagstaff office is located at: 114 N San Francisco St # 7 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

No matter how much you love your current automobile, the time will come to replace it. Your vehicle may have mechanical issues or perhaps it just doesn't fit your lifestyle anymore. You would love to purchase a “new set of wheels” but this isn't going to happen without first selling what you drive now.

Selling a car shouldn't be complicated

Auto dealerships in Flagstaff AZ will encourage you to trade in your car. However, you're bound to receive far less than your automobile is truly worth. This arrangement is basically advantageous for the dealership and not the car owner in most cases.

There's always a chance that a well-placed ad in a local Flagstaff AZ newspaper or online forum will attract attention. The only problem with this, is that it may not attract the right attention. Serious buyers rarely call and it only takes a moment to realize that many members of the general public are not to be trusted. 

Work with professionals

Selling your car, truck or SUV to a professional car buying service is both safe and effective. They'll never waste your time and understand exactly how to make the transaction beneficial to both parties. Best of all, their sales agents are available in Flagstaff AZ seven days a week to answer your questions.

It starts with a telephone call

The process begins with a simple call to SellMax Cash for Cars at (800) 225-7500. Customer service agents will need the year, make, model and odometer reading. From this information, they will be able to give you a general range of what your automobile is worth.

Customers service agents will additionally need to know if your automobile has any serious mechanic issues or has incurred body damage. This doesn't mean that your vehicle won't be purchased. It just means that it may impact the purchase price of the vehicle. Automobiles that no longer run or have been declared “totaled” by an insurance company are eligible for purchase as well. 

At your convenience

Unlike prospective customers who answer online ads and stand you up later, a professional car buying company understands that your time is important. The agent travels to your location and not the other way around. This could be your private driveway, a place of business or the parking lot at your neighborhood Flagstaff AZ supermarket. 

Quick, safe and convenient

The agent will survey your automobile in person and may request a test drive. Once his or her evaluation has been completed, a sales figure will be offered to you. If you choose to take the amount offered, all paperwork can be completed on the spot and you'll be paid immediately. Should you wish to wait for another offer or change your mind, this option is up to you the seller too. 

That's it. There's no waiting for would-be buyers to show up or pay with questionable financial reserves. Working with a professional team is definitely the easiest way to sell your car in Flagstaff, AZ.




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