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Sell Your Car for Cash in Peoria, Arizona

There are many reasons why you might have an old, broken down vehicle in your driveway or taking up space in your garage. You may have bought a newer vehicle and didn’t want to trade in the old one just yet for sentimental reasons. Maybe you just wanted to have an extra car around in the event you needed it. If you are now ready to get rid of it, call Cash for Cars in Peoria, Arizona. We are a local provider who takes the hassle out of selling old cars. 

What We Will Do for You

If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to trade in your car for cash in Peoria, we are the company to call. Don’t deal with strangers calling or texting your phone at all hours of the day because you advertised yourself online. Instead, our trusted Peoria company will come out to you. We employ certified auto buyers who know the value of your vehicle and will come right to your door to buy it from you. No more hassle and no more waiting for days or weeks to sell your car! 

What We Buy

When we say we buy any type of vehicle, we truly mean it. We will buy damaged vehicles that no longer run and junk cars that may be useful only for parts. It doesn’t matter to us-we simply trade you cash for your car and go on our way! Instead of having to call around town trying to find someone to buy your old car, call us instead. We make it easy to get the cash you deserve for your old car in Peoria. 

The Process

Ready to make the call and get cash for your car? The process is easy and simple. First, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly service representatives. They can provide you with a fast, no obligation quote over the phone. You can either accept it or not-we will never push you to sell your car if you aren’t happy with the offer. 

If you do accept it (which most people do!) we will set up a time and place to come to you and make the trade. A staff member will come out to your property to look at the vehicle and pay you for it. The make and model of the car will be a determining factor in how much it is worth, as will the year, mileage and condition. However, we will always buy your car from you, no matter what the condition is. We will also handle all of the paperwork from there on out. Don’t worry if the vehicle no longer runs or has trouble starting, either. Just let us know this when you call and we will also send out a tow truck driver, at no charge to you. 

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Call us today if you are ready to sell your old car. Our friendly staff is standing by to assist you!


Recently Purchased Vehicles In Peoria

1957 Austin-healey Sports Convertible 85383 01-05-2022 $568
1976 Triumph Stag 85382 01-03-2022 $852
1989 Cadillac Seville 85383 01-01-2022 $556
2008 Isuzu I-350 85385 01-01-2022 $580
1990 Wartburg 1.3 l Tourist 85380 12-31-2021 $431
2019 Audi S6 85380 12-31-2021 $507
1979 Maserati Bora 85382 12-29-2021 $414
1950 Maserati A6GCS 85385 12-28-2021 $722
1991 Ford Tempo 85345 12-28-2021 $629
2003 Ford Taurus 85381 12-27-2021 $764
1958 Ford 12 M 85382 12-27-2021 $959
2011 Subaru Outback 85383 12-26-2021 $721
2018 Bmw 3 Series 85345 12-25-2021 $724
2009 Bentley Arnage 85380 12-25-2021 $831
2011 Dodge Journey 85381 12-24-2021 $624

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