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Welcome to SellMax Cash for Cars, your trusted source for cash for your old junker in Buckeye AZ. Are you ready to sell your old car but hate the idea of dealing with all the hassles that come from selling online? Once you place your ad online, you need to worry about buyers calling you at all hours of the day and night, buyers who claim they want to buy your car but never show up to the meetings you set up and those who try to talk you down to a much lower price. We make it easier than ever before for you to sell your car and get the money that you want.

Vehicles of All Types

Unlike some companies that only offer cash for specific models like trucks made by Ford or sedans from Chevrolet, we buy vehicles of all types. That includes economy and smaller compact cars, large sedans, pick up trucks and even SUVs. We purchase both newer models and late model cars as well as vintage vehicles.

Condition Doesn't Matter

We cater to car sellers in all areas of Buckeye AZ and will buy vehicles in all conditions. Whether you have a car that you can drive across town, a truck that takes a few minutes to turn over or an SUV that hasn't run in years, we can still make an offer on that vehicle. Though condition matters in terms of the price that we'll offer, it won't affect whether or not you can sell to us.

How it Works

We keep the process as simple as possible. Calling us for a free quote is your first step. You just answer a few questions like the make and model of the vehicle you want to sell, whether it runs, the number of miles on the engine and where you live. The information you provide helps us set up your quote. You're under no obligation to sell to us unless you decide to accept that offer.

We Come to You

Once you agree to our offer, we will come right to your Buckeye AZ home. The rep from our company you meet with will go over the vehicle just to make sure it matches the description that you gave. As long as everything matches up, you can get money on the spot for your car. We'll even take care of towing it away for you, if the car doesn't run. When you trade in your car to us, you get money that you can use to make a down payment on another vehicle, to pay a sudden bill that popped up or to have some extra spending money for your next vacation.

We offer prices on vehicles based on factors like its overall condition, whether it runs and the amount of work that it might needs. You have the final decision whether to sell to us or to sell it on your own. Call our Buckeye AZ to get a quote for your car today.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Buckeye

1979 Buick Estate 85396 03-15-2023 $789
1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass 85396 03-14-2023 $890
1993 Morgan Plus 4 85396 03-14-2023 $654
1954 Ferrari 255 S 85326 03-11-2023 $417
2015 Audi S5 85396 03-10-2023 $903
2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 85396 03-10-2023 $704
2011 Infiniti M 85396 03-09-2023 $803
1993 Porsche 928 85326 03-07-2023 $888
2014 Mini Cooper Clubman 85326 03-07-2023 $354
2015 Mercedes-benz G-Class 85326 03-06-2023 $513
1996 Toyota Celica 85396 03-06-2023 $861
1959 Berkeley QB 85326 03-06-2023 $461
1990 Aston-martin Virage 85326 03-05-2023 $473
2014 Infiniti Q60 Convertible 85396 03-04-2023 $914
2000 Mercedes-benz SLK 85326 03-04-2023 $538

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