Get Your Junk Car Removed
And Receive Cash!

Do you have an old clunker? Did your car die, and leave you stranded? Did you have to leave your car on the side of a busy road?

Do you need cash? SellMax will pick up your car and pay you cash for it. What are you waiting for? You can get real cash for that old car!

Regardless of your situation, SellMax will be the
best service option you can find!

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So You Did Not Want To Let Go Of Your Car?

How long has that car been sitting on cinderblocks? It used to be a sweet ride, and you just couldn’t bear to part with it when it first broke down. But now, it is only a sad sight, a dirty, rusty eyesore.

Back in the Day –

I know. I’ve been there. My first car was a red convertible Volkswagen Beetle. I loved that car! I named it Gertrude, “Gertie” for short. One awful night, on their way home from happy hour, someone in a big truck rammed into the back of Gertie. In case you didn’t know, VW beetles used to have an engine in the back! It wasn’t good for me. The insurance company wanted to write Gertie off as a loss, but I couldn’t stand the thought of letting her go. I had Gertie towed to my favorite mechanic and promised I would save the money and get that sweet little car restored. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years, and Gertie just sat in the back corner of the mechanic’s yard. My sweet little ride turned into bucket of rust! The late 70s was so long ago, I only had a few options for that little Volkswagen back then. When I finally came to grips with the fact that I was not going to be able to restore my car, I wound up just passing the title over to the mechanic so he could salvage parts from it. He didn’t charge me for storage, so we called it even. That’s right; I got zip for that cute convertible car! Back then, getting a decent amount of cash for a wrecked car just didn’t happen. But, you have better options today! SellMax will buy your car, regardless of condition!

After seeing and hearing many so many stories like mine and seeing too many people having so much trouble selling junk cars, Tom and Tony created SellMax, in 1990, SellMax will buy your car! SellMax doesn’t care if your car is still drivable, or if it’s old and rusted out. SellMax provides free junk car removal. That’s right. SellMax removes the junk car, and they even give you cash!

Do Any Of The Following Scenarios Sound Familiar?

Are You Afraid Of Having Your Junk Car Removed?

You can rely on SellMax. The SellMax team has no tricks up their sleeves; you will get no double-talk. There are no hidden fees. Plus, we're transparent about how much your vehicle is worth. If you are in need of the best service offering junk car removal for cash, SellMax is the logical choice.

Do You Have A Lemon?

If you’ve got a lemon on your hands and it costs too much to fix it, make lemonade and call SellMax. SellMax will come and pick up your car, at your convenience. No towing fees for you, and they will leave cash in your hands!

Get Your Junk Car Removed With No Title, No Problem!

If you can’t find your title, call SellMax. SellMax offers junk car removal with no title. So what are you waiting for? Call SellMax at (800) 225-7500. SellMax makes it super-easy to get cash for that old car. All you have to do is answer a few easy questions or fill out a quick online and SellMax will give you a quote for how much cash they will pay you for your car.

Are You Just Curious?

Are you only interested in finding out how much cash you can get for an old ride or a clunker? Getting a quote from SellMax is quick and easy. Be sure to provide the year, make, model, condition and location of the vehicle, to get the best quote. You are not obligated to accept the offer, and you can still shop around. However, it will be very hard to find a better deal!

You Can’t Find A Buyer For Your Old Car

Your old car was running off of gasoline, a wish and a prayer, but just barely. The dealer wouldn’t give you a fair trade-in value on a newer model, so you opted to put it up for sale yourself. The problem is no one wants to buy an old car for a reasonable price! And it has been on the market for a few months now. Besides, you could really use the cash to help with your new car payment. Call SellMax at (800) 225-7500 to see how much cash you can get for that old car, and they can pick it up as soon as you are ready, at any location that works for you!

Do You Need Quick Service?

If you need speedy service, SellMax even offers same day junk car removal. SellMax also provides 24 hour junk car removal, and picks up at your location, wherever your car is located!

SellMax has over thirty years of experience and is nationwide. Use your phone to search for junk car removal near me, and you will easily find a SellMax location ready to pick up your car for free!

Better yet, just dial (800) 225-7500 and get connected with a same day junk car removal service provider.


A Loved One Left A Car Behind

It happens. Someone in the family passed and you’re left with selling a decent car. But you don’t have time to search for buyers, or the time it takes to get the title changed at the Division of Motor Vehicles. You’re busy, you work full time, and the family needs the estate settled quickly. SellMax will give you cash for the car. They are experts at finding buyers for any car, regardless of the condition. Call SellMax at (800) 225-7500.

The Dreaded Car Stranded on the Highway Problem

You were driving on a busy highway and your car started sputtering, smoking and stalling. It was all you could do to pull over and get it off the highway. Your friend that knows a lot about cars came to your assistance, but the car starter won’t budge. You don’t have towing coverage or the money to get it towed. And you don’t have enough money to buy a new car.

You know you don’t have a whole lot of time to take care of your situation, because your car will soon be towed by your county, and they will insist on you paying the tow charge, plus storage fees to get it back! SellMax has you covered because they offer 24 hour junk car removal. Just call SellMax at (800) 225-7500, and they will offer you the best service.

Got Too Many Cars and Still Can’t Go Anywhere?

You really like to dabble with cars and have collected a few old models, but none of them run. You’re short on cash and trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Call SellMax (800) 225-7500, and trade one or more of those cars in for cash.

Car Suddenly Stopped Running?

One bright day, you’re out the door early and headed for work, but your car wouldn’t start. It just got a lot darker. You knew this day would eventually come along, but you just don’t have the money to get the car repaired right now.

Your Mom let you borrow her car for a while, until you could save money to get your car fixed. This worked fine for a couple of weeks, but when you got home from work one day, you found a notice from the apartment complex informing you that you only have 3 days to get your car off the premises, or it will be towed at your expense!

Make lemonade from that lemon and go to for the best service for your situation. SellMax will pick up your car and give you some cash that you can use to make a down payment on a new ride. You know Mom wants her car back!

Get That Ugly Eyesore Of A Car Next Door Removed!

Your next door neighbor has a junk car parked in his back yard. Sure, he had good intentions when he first parked it back there, but it’s going on eight years now! That old junker is covered with leaves and has weeds growing up all around it! When you have folks over to grill in your back yard, everybody sees it. So junky and so embarrassing!

This is actually a common situation. Unfortunately, very few people know that they can simply call SellMax for junk car removal for cash. So the car just sits there because your neighbor doesn’t know about SellMax. Find a way to pass along the information. Ask him if he knows about SellMax. Give him the SellMax number. You’ll be glad you did.

Abandoned Car On Your Property?

You are a property manager, tasked with getting an abandoned car off the property in one of the neighborhoods you manage. Paying for a tow really takes a bite out of your revenue, so you have made every effort to track down the owner of the vehicle, with no success!

The license plate was removed from the car, and the having the VIN number got you nowhere. Call SellMax at (800) 225-7500. You don’t have to have a title for the car to get the best service option for your situation. SellMax offers junk car removal with no title.

No matter what your situation might be, SellMax has you covered! Call SellMax today!