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Fullerton CA, it has never been easier to sell your car, truck or SUV! Make a quick and painless call to SellMax and find out how you can sell your vehicle hassle free. 

Do you have time to waste?

No one has time to waste, but that’s exactly what you find yourself doing after placing an ad in the newspaper, online or both in order to sell a car. You post the ad and then you sit and wait.

Do you want a real buyer or unreliable, potential buyers?

Let’s suppose that you don’t have to spend forever waiting. If you’re lucky, you might get calls right away; lots of calls. Out of all of those calls, there will be very few serious buyers. But that’s not the worst part of it. Those who are interested in seeing your car will want to make an appointment. Do you really have time to set appointments to show your car to potential buyers that might not even show up?

Have you considered the safety factors?

If your potential buyer does show up, he’s going to want to take your car, truck or SUV for a spin. Are you seriously going to get into the car with someone you met a few minutes ago? The alternative is to hand your keys over to a total stranger? You’ve heard of win/win situations, right? This one is lose/lose. No matter which choice you make, there is a high potential for disaster waiting to happen in today’s crazy world. 

How about getting paid?

Let’s face it, closing a cash sale on a higher end car, truck or SUV isn’t easy for everyone, but you can’t afford to take anything but cash for your auto. You can’t finance your car to someone you don’t know, nor should you even consider accepting a check, even if they have a half-dozen forms of ID. You want to close the deal, get your money and be done with it.

Are you sure about selling your car yourself?

Let’s recap what you go through by selling a car yourself:

• Time consuming
• Unreliable, potential buyers
• Unsafe
• Potential problems getting paid

All of those add up to one big hassle, which you really don’t have to deal with anymore.

Why don’t you just sell your car the easy way?

The way you used to sell a car, truck or SUV just doesn’t work anymore. You can keep beating that dead horse if you want to, but there is a better way. Why not get rid of the hassles and take advantage of a company that pays cash for cars and makes it easy to sell your auto? Make a call to a buyer who is already ready to buy your vehicle and get it over with, in some cases, the same day that you call.

The Easy Way to Sell An Auto in Fullerton CA

What it takes to dump the hassle is a phone call to SellMax to start the process of getting cash in your hand for your car. When you call, a Customer Service Representative will be ready to help you with selling your car in the easiest and convenient way possible. Here’s the simple process:

• You’ll present the make and model of your car.
• You’ll disclose important details like the current mileage, the car’s condition and whether or not it still runs.
• The Customer Service Representative will ask a number of other questions which will help SellMax put together an estimate for buying your car.
• You decide whether you want to go forward or not.

What type of autos can you sell?

Every vehicle that you own has some value. Whether it is a smoking hot sports car, a slightly used mid-sized sedan, a junker truck that barely runs or an worn-out SUV that doesn’t run at all, it can be sold. That's right, you can even get cash for junk cars, trucks and SUVs. If you’re ready to sell whatever auto you have, for whatever reason, you need to make the call.

You’ll Get an Honest and Fair Estimate

Based on the information you provide, site unseen, SellMax will give you an honest and fair estimate. You can take advantage of that easy, hassle-free cash price right away or take your time to think about it. You won’t be put under any pressure to sell or give a quick response. You can call back whenever you are ready.

An Auto Technician Will Come Take a Look at Your Car

If you agree to the estimate you’re given over the phone, then you can make an appointment to have a trusted auto technician come take a closer look at the auto you are selling. We promise that this buyer will show up and will come when it is convenient for you and wherever it is convenient for you. Best of all, once our auto tech has a chance to make sure that the information you gave about your auto matches up, he or she will be ready to pay you and take the car off your hands on that single visit. 

Service Where You Need It and When You Need It

Very often, a technician can be ready to come view your car, truck or SUV on the very same day that you are given a quote. Once the technician has determined that the deal is legit, you just turn over your current registration and proof of ownership, and then take the money. That is called selling your car the easy way.

Paperwork is filed for you

Not only do you not have to go through the hassles of selling your car, which we listed earlier, but we also take care of all of the necessary paperwork for transferring title. It’s a full service, professional and hassle-free way of selling a car. 

Make the Call and Sell Your Car the Easy Way!

Time, safety, potential buyers skipping out on appointments, getting paid and all that paperwork add up to one big hassle. It only takes a phone call to SellMax  or a visit to their website at www.SellMax.com to get your auto sold. Fullerton CA, it has never been easier to sell a car, truck or SUV!


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