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Selling a car in Santa Clara CA should never be a struggle. Furthermore, you should never have to scratch your head over ridiculous offers when you try to trade in your car at a dealership. Call SellMax Cash For Cars if you are experiencing complications, frustrations and inappropriate negotiations. We can help you to get the funds that you desire to receive for the vehicle that you no longer want. 


We Are Who You Need to Call

We are a Santa Clara CA car buying company. All we do is visit Santa Clara CA and other consumers such as yourself and purchase their cars. Our business is strictly related to purchasing unwanted vehicles from private owners. We have the necessary time and workers to complete the tasks because we do not have to focus on other departments and projects. Therefore, you can receive timely assistance when you contact our establishment. Many reasons exist as to why you should contact us rather than many other similar establishments. The following are just five reasons that we are the best choice for you:


Convenient Local Office in Santa Clara CA

Not all companies operate with a local office in the area. We do. We have an office right in Santa Clara just in case you have an issue that arises. The majority of our customers are happy with the services that they receive, and they never have to stop into the office for anything. However, they are happy that they have the option to come to an office if they need to. We invite you to stop by our office at any time if you have a question, concern or matter that you do not feel that you can resolve outside of the building. 


Fair Pricing for Your Vehicle

One of the biggest problems that vehicle owners have when they try to sell their cars is unfair offers. Dealerships, third-party companies and even other people sometimes offer these people much less money than they should receive for their vehicles. We are proud to say that we offer fair pricing for every vehicle that prospective customers offer. We take the true value of the vehicle and consider wear, tear and maintenance. The prices that we offer are extremely competitive. We are so confident in their fairness that we fearlessly suggest that you compare quotes. 


Free Towing Away From Your Home or Office

We offer free towing after the transaction is finished. You never have to spend your time or your fuel traveling from one place to the other. We cater to your needs by sending someone out to you with the money in his or her hand. The representatives will quickly conduct an inspection of the vehicle just to make sure that it is the vehicle that you described. This person will place money in your hand and then tow the vehicle away so that you never again have to see it. 


Quick Turnaround Time

We understand that people want the funds immediately when they sell their vehicles. That is why why try our very best to produce quick quotes and then arrange quick pickups once our customers agree to the transactions. Our transactions usually go smoothly, and they move at a pace that is pleasing to the vehicle owner. Call us if you are tired of waiting around for people to call you whenever they see your Craigslist ad or your “for sale” sign. Call us if you are tired of hearing next-to-nothing offers for your trade-in on an inflated vehicle purchase. Call us if people just don’t seem to see the worth in your vehicle. We feel that all vehicles are useful and worthy of our investment. 


Easy Quote System

The process of conducting a car sale with us is easy. The first step is contacting us. You can either call us by phone, or you can complete a brief form online. We conduct some investigating, and then we offer you money for your car. You can choose to accept or reject the offer. If you accept the offer, we will send our certified buyer out to your home or office to conduct the transaction. That person will remove the vehicle from your site, and then you will be done with it forever. 


Call Today for a Quote

Give us a call today no matter what kind of car you have. Do not think of any vehicle as being ineligible for our purchase. You may be surprised to find that we will gladly buy your vehicle. The phone number that you will need to call to start the process is 408-430-5251. Call today and don’t worry about a thing. We will handle paperwork, vehicle transport and the funds that we will put in your hands for selling us your car.

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2013 Cadillac CTS-V 95050 05-18-2024 $942
2016 Infiniti Q60 Convertible 95052 05-17-2024 $689
2022 Ram 1500 Classic 95055 05-17-2024 $329
2005 Toyota Celsior 95055 05-16-2024 $490
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