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We Pay Cash For Cars In Alpine, CA

Selling a used car in Alpine can be a time-consuming and stressful process. All too often, people underestimate the true amount of work that is involved in selling a used vehicle. Sometimes this leads them to spend far too much of their personal time in an effort to sell their car. Often times, this makes working with a cash for cars company like SellMax a better option.

Why You Should Sell Your Car With SellMax's Alpine Cash For Cars Service

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Unlike a professional used car dealer, as an amateur seller, you will have to contend with all of the same problems without having the same expertise and resources to handle them. You'll even need to deal with some extra problems, which primarily only affect private-party sellers. Consider just some of the reasons that selling your own car may not be worth the hassle.

  • You can expect to spend up to 40 hours or more of your own time. If you make $20 per hour, that means you would have to make at least an additional $800 in handling the sale yourself. This is unlikely on an older vehicle or one in poor shape.
  • If you list your car on a free service like Craigslist, you will be assuming the risks of dealing with those services. With Craigslist robberies on the rise, nationwide, this may be unappealing to some.
  • You may have had to take hundreds of phone calls by the time your vehicle finally sells.


We pay Cash For Junk Cars And Clunkers In Alpine Too!

  • If you need to sell a junk car, we will purchase it from you. We purchase cars that are damaged, wrecked, salvaged and even non-running vehicles.
  • If your car is no longer running, we will provide free towing and pick up the car and pay you. We never charge any hidden fees for the tow.

Do You Offer Car Recycling Or Junk Car Removal Services?

If it makes financial sense to fix your vehicle, we may opt to go that route. However, if your vehicle is an older car often times, we will use the car for parts and recycle it. Our goal is to keep it as eco-friendly as possible.

Can You Buy My Car Without The Title?

We can purchase your car without a title. However, a few stipulations do apply. The car must be registered in California, and the vehicle must be paid off. If this is the case we can bring the proper DMV paperwork and we our car buyers can still purchase your car.

SellMax Cash For Cars Offers A Quick And Easy Solution To Sell Your Car In Alpine, CA

But there is an easier way to sell your car in the Alpine, California area. SellMax is a service that buys used cars for cash. Unlike with listing your vehicle yourself, with our company, you can simply call our office at (619) 637-3223, answer a few simple questions and our agent will give you an instant quote. If you like it, you can accept the offer. Otherwise, you're free to decline it right there, with no obligation whatsoever.

And we will buy cars that are old, high-mileage or even disabled. There's no need to pay someone to have these cars hauled off to the scrap yard. If you are located in the Alpine area Call us today, and let us save you all of the hassles associated with self-listing your used car.

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Alpine

2013 Mercedes-benz GL 91903 09-25-2023 $925
1996 Maserati Shamal 91901 09-24-2023 $529
1979 Volkswagen Jetta 91903 09-23-2023 $637
1997 Kia Sephia 91903 09-23-2023 $783
1989 Toyota Land Cruiser 91901 09-23-2023 $305
2005 Volvo V50 91903 09-23-2023 $856
1974 Avanti Avanti 91901 09-21-2023 $331
2014 Dodge Challenger 91901 09-21-2023 $894
2010 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 91901 09-21-2023 $944
1986 Gmc Suburban 91903 09-19-2023 $792
1995 Toyota MR2 91901 09-17-2023 $710
1966 Datsun 1000 91903 09-16-2023 $827
2018 Toyota Tacoma 91901 09-15-2023 $415
1996 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight 91903 09-15-2023 $689
1997 Nissan 200 SX Silvia 91901 09-13-2023 $916

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