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If cash in your hand is what you want, that is what we got! SellMax in Ontario is ready to purchase your vehicle from you and make sure you receive the highest amount of cash possible. We know that it can be difficult to sell your vehicle. In fact, that is the whole reason why Tom and Tony, our founders, created SellMax.

See, prior to SellMax in 1990, you were hard-pressed to sell your vehicle. In fact, you only had a couple of options, which included taking your vehicle to the dealership or trying to sell it locally in Ontario. Both of these options made it relatively difficult and people would simply give up and keep their vehicle.

SellMax is ready to purchase your vehicle from you and pay you an honest and fair price to do so. We always make it easy for you to sell your vehicle and you can complete the process in just four steps from the comfort of your home.

When it comes down to it, SellMax is here to purchase your Ontario vehicle from you and we will often meet you the SAME day depending on when you accept our offer. That means you do not have to wait around on us to show up and you will never wait days or weeks to hear back from us either.

If you are worried that we will not accept your vehicle because of its condition, don’t be. We will accept ANY vehicle in ANY condition. That is our promise to you. Whether your vehicle has been in an accident or it is in great condition, we are ready to buy it from you.

We are serious about buying your vehicle and are ready for you to call us today! SellMax offers the most cash for cars in Ontario and we are pretty certain that no other company will offer you close to what we do. If you are ready to sell your Ontario vehicle, call us now.

Working with SellMax Is Awesome

It may not always be easy to get cash for cars in Ontario, but SellMax WILL offer you the fairest price. We have made a commitment to make sure that we always provide you with the best services throughout the area and our team members uphold our commitment every day.

We know that you may not be sure of who you want to sell your vehicle to, but we do want to provide you with some reasons WHY you should work with SellMax and these reasons make us awesome.

1. We offer PAY OFF services for your vehicle. What this means is that if you owe a balance on your vehicle, we will pay it off and we will then give you the remainder of the money, if any is leftover. If your loan is larger than the amount we offer, you would need to cover the difference in conjunction with our payment to pay off the rest.

2. We buy ALL vehicles, no matter the condition. In fact, we have a buy all vehicles policy that is in place and this policy tells our team members that they must purchase your vehicle no matter the condition. We take vehicles that are in good condition, vehicles that are worthless, and vehicles that have been damaged or no longer run any more. In addition, we also purchase cars that didn't end up qualifying for the California car buyback program.

3. Our team has the proper LICENSE to do business. This also means that we are ready to do business and we do not play games with you. We have cash in hand to pay you for your vehicle. Also, you will rest easy knowing that you are working with a licensed company.

4. We come to YOUR location. No matter where you want us to go, we will be there. We can come out to your home or we can come to your place of employment or anywhere else. Our team members come to your location FREE of charge, so you never have to pay a dime.

5. In most cases, we are able to offer you SAME day service in Ontario. In addition, our services are the fastest around. You never have to worry about waiting weeks or months to hear back from us. We often can come out to you the same day.

How You Can Sell Us Your Vehicle

We have talked about who we are in a nutshell, why we are great to work with, and that we offer the most cash paid for your vehicle. But, we have not told you how the process actually works yet.

When you want to receive a quote for your vehicle, simply head over to our website and provide us with some details about your vehicle such as the make and model, year, mileage, location, and condition of the vehicle.

Once we have this information, we will provide you with an instant cash offer on the screen and you can accept or decline it. You are in no way required to accept our quote, so do not feel as if there is an obligation.

If you do accept our quote, you can then schedule a day and time for one of our team members to come out to your location. You can choose any location you want from your home to your local office or grocery store. Our team member will meet you at your chosen location and complete an inspection on your vehicle. After the inspection, we will have you sign some paperwork. 

Once you have signed the paperwork, the sale will be completed and we will hand you cash for your vehicle and remove the vehicle from your location.

When you work with the team at SellMax, you do not have to worry about surprise charges and you can rest easy knowing that the amount we quote you is the amount you receive.

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If you are ready to receive a quote for your vehicle, contact SellMax today to get a cash offer. We are ready to purchase your vehicle and provide you with the most cash for cars in Ontario.




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1987 Ford Bronco II 91798 03-27-2020 $500
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1977 Mercedes-benz S 91762 03-25-2020 $397
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