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We Pay Cash for Cars in Gainesville

Cars, the luxury vehicle that take you to your wildest dreams; from camping, to seeing the waves, to driving your daily commute; your car has your back...until it doesn’t. A broken down car is the last thing you want to deal with, especially when you have other goals in mind.

The reality is, all cars owners reach a point where their once “new ride” loses its touch. Whether your car is not starting, too damaged, or just lost its flair; we understand wanting to sell it!

The issue is, selling a car may seem like more hassle than its worth. Dealing with salesmen, searching classified ads on the internet, and determining your car’s value are struggles that you should not have to deal with. At SellMax, we believe selling your car for cash should be as simple as a phone call.

Luckily, SellMax allows you to sell your car for cash in Gainesville without the hassle! We may even be able to buy and pick up your car on the same day!

Who We Are

We are SellMax and we buy used cars in Gainesville! We cut out the “middle-man” so hard working people like you do not have to waste time, money, or energy selling your vehicle.

We believe that selling your car should be simple, quick, and fair! Unlike other buyers, we will work with you directly to come up with a fair price. Our service works very well and as a result we've grown tremendously fast. Our company started off paying cash for junk cars in Santa Barbara. Next, we began paying cash for cars in Austin and now we service the entire United States.

We believe buying cars does not need to be a gimmick, a scheme, or a hassle; we want to take your old ride and give you the cash you deserve, so you can head toward your next adventure.

We often can even buy your vehicle the same day that you call!

Cars We Buy

SellMax buys all cars of any condition! We can help you:

We have a deal for you! The cars we buy for cash in Gainesville can fail emissions inspections, have salvaged titles, have been in major car accidents, and even be considered “junk”!

Every vehicle has value, and our job is to give you the best value possible!

We do not expect your vehicle to be perfect, but we will try to make your experience with us as close to perfect as possible. At SellMax, we put you, the seller, first.

We want to work with you to sell your car, so we use a simple direct-to-seller system. Without multiple sellers, dealing with DMV papers, or providing unfair quotes, we remove the barriers to selling your car.

Again, nothing about selling your car needs to be difficult, and we are here to make this reality.

We even provide towing and removal of your car, which can be as soon as the same day you call!

We buy junk cars for cash in Gainesville

Yes, you did read that right, we even buy junk cars for cash! We believe every car has worth, and we want to give you the amount you deserve. Even if your car is at the “end of its life” or deemed junk, we can make you an offer that is great.

This means we can even buy your car that is in a junk yard in Gainesville and surrounding areas.

If your junk car won’t start- we provide junk car removal!

If you have any questions about your junk car- just call! We would love to answer any questions you may have and get your junk out as soon as possible.

How We Determine Your Car’s Worth In Gainesville

Whether your car is great, ok, or trash, we want to buy it for cash!

How does SellMax determine your car’s worth? We consider

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Miles
  • Damage
  • Rust
  • Demand for car

Again, no matter the condition of your car, we can make you an offer! We deal with all DMV forms, junk car removal, and payment- making it simple and headache free for you.

At SellMax, we do not want to be another company, we want to be there for you through the entire selling process.

Please call or fill out our simple form online to get started on earning cash for your old ride. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them.

How to Sell to SellMax

If you live in Gainesville and want to sell your car for cash, we have two easy options:

1. Online

  • a. Simply fill out the form on our site and you will receive an offer within minutes!

2. Call

  • a. Call one of our buying experts to answer your questions, get a quote, and sell your car with ease.

Selling your car for cash in Gainesville has never been more about you. Pick one of our simple forms of contact and get your quote today.

We may even be able to buy and remove your vehicle on the same day. We are here to make selling simple, all you need is a car and to contact us.

We look forward to paying you!

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