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You have been thinking about selling your car for quite awhile now. You really need the cash and have been researching companies that offer cash for cars in West Palm Beach. It just seems that it take so much effort to get cash for cars in West Palm Beach.  There is a company that makes the process easy to receive cash for Cash in West Palm Beach though, f you follow a few simple steps.  At SellMax we buy cars in West Palm Beach and frequently complete the entire process the day that you contact us.

How To Get Started Selling Your Car In West Palm Beach

Start by contacting SellMax.  We offer the opportunity to provide information about your car through the following three easy methods:

  • Speak to a representative at the office in person
  • Call the office and provide information about your vehicle over the phone
  • Go online and fill out a form at our website to provide the information regarding your car

Once you have provided this information, our car buying representative will then start the process on our end in West Palm Beach doing our due diligence to give you a fair offer for your vehicle.  

Car Buying Concerns You Might Have During The Offer Process

A couple of the areas that you might have concerns about are:

  • You have not been able to sell your car due to mechanical issues with the vehicle
  • You have not paid off your vehicle completely

Do not let the fact that you are on the edge of sending your car to the junk yard in West Palm Beach generate fears about our offer. We pay cash for junk cars in West Palm Beach just like we do with those in perfect condition. We will work with you and make a fair offer.  We understand how having a car with mechanical issues and owing money on the car seem like a desperate condition. In reality though, you do not have to junk your car. Instead, we will make an offer for it in it's current condition and use the money offered to pay off what you owe on your vehicle and pay the company you owe your debt to. We will then give you the remaining cash.

Completing Your Transaction in West Palm Beach

Once you have received our offer in West Palm Beach, all you have to do is accept or reject the offer.  The offer is not negotiable and will not change, so you will receive the full amount you are offered less any you currently owe.  SellMax will work with you to get your vehicle delivered and the transaction completed. SellMax will pick up your vehicle at your home, meet you in West Palm Beach to pick up your car, or hire a tow company in West Palm Beach to pick it up from your car's current location.

Not only are you getting cash for your car, but you will not have to handle any of the negotiations with the sale of the vehicle. SellMax uses their professional connections and experience to save you time and money.


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Recently Purchased Vehicles In West Palm Beach

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1964 Maserati Quattroporte 33419 03-23-2024 $484
1994 Bmw 730 33407 03-22-2024 $589
1988 Ford Festiva 33420 03-21-2024 $549
2021 Audi S7 33404 03-20-2024 $838
1985 Pontiac Fiero 33402 03-20-2024 $364
2007 Mercedes-benz CLK 33415 03-20-2024 $597
2000 Honda Shuttle 33403 03-19-2024 $589
2004 Morgan Aero 8 33411 03-18-2024 $823
1970 Mercury Cougar 33401 03-15-2024 $547
2020 Volvo XC90 33406 03-15-2024 $660
1997 Panoz AIV 33413 03-13-2024 $721
1989 Gmc Suburban 33409 03-13-2024 $690
2007 Jaguar S-Type 33412 03-13-2024 $928
1995 Land-rover Discovery 33416 03-12-2024 $718

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