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Cash For Cars Cape Coral - We Buy Junk Cars

As you drive through Cape Coral, you will pass many car junk yards throughout the city and might wonder to yourself why people are giving their cars away, instead of trading them in.  The answer that many people don't get cash for junk cars in Cape Coral is because they don't know how easy it can be to make money selling a used car.  Instead of dropping off your car at a junk yard in Cape Coral, think of how owners can  get cash for cars in Cape Coral, and do it without a lot of effort on their part.

Sell Your Car In Cape Coral, Florida With Very Little Effort

If you are looking for cash for Cars in Cape Coral, working with an experienced company such as SellMax will reduce your time invested in the process, thanks to our years of experience. The short story of how you get your money is this:

  1. Provide data to us regarding your car in person, on the phone or over the Internet
  2. Wait for an offer from one of our pricing experts
  3. Accept the offer made by our experienced staff
  4. Collect your money

Sounds like a quick process, but you may be wondering exactly how quick it happens. In some of our deals we actually place the money in the hand of the seller the same day he came into our office to make an offer.

Why is it so easy to sell my car in Cape Coral?

One of the reasons that this process is so fast is because SellMax does all the leg work for you. We are finding the buyer and keeping the vehicle in inventory while you are out spending what we gave you already;  We know what a fair offer is because we have sold cars for many owners like you. We streamlined the process so efficiently that there are times those that sell to us get their money the same day as the first day they reached out to us.

What Is One Key Difference You Have Over Your Competition in Cape Coral?

One of the first things a dealer will ask you is if your car is paid off. As soon as you say no, they don't want to speak with you. The difference is we buy cars for cash in Cape Coral and will work with you if you owe on your car. We will make you an offer in Cape Coral and then go to the company you owe and pay them first, giving you the remaining cash from our offer.

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars Too!

We go that extra step because we feel finding a solution for you to get out from under a car loan while your car is still being financed will help build a relationship between SellMax and you as a customer for additional transactions down the road. Selling a car can be a long and winding journey, but we want to celebrate the completion of that journey in Cape Coral.  We aren’t just helping you sell cars for cash in Cape Coral, but we are earning your trust.

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Cape Coral

2008 Ford Shelby GT 500 33914 11-11-2019 $648
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix 33990 11-11-2019 $866
2007 Lexus SC 33993 11-10-2019 $786
2019 Fiat 500e 33993 11-09-2019 $312
2010 Toyota Yaris 33904 11-08-2019 $769
1979 Volkswagen Jetta 33990 11-05-2019 $728
2014 Mercedes-benz G-Class 33910 11-05-2019 $665
1997 Infiniti QX4 33915 11-05-2019 $836
1977 Chevrolet Blazer 33914 11-04-2019 $430
2011 Toyota Tundra 33904 11-03-2019 $869
1996 Chrysler Cirrus 33909 11-01-2019 $947
1977 Buick Estate 33991 10-31-2019 $483
2013 Honda Insight 33915 10-31-2019 $632
2018 Hyundai Veloster 33910 10-31-2019 $803
2013 Kia SOUL 33991 10-31-2019 $658

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