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You have decided that it's time to sell your used car, but you don't want to go it alone. After doing some research you have found there are many different companies that offer cash for cars in Fort Lauderdale. Deciding which of the companies to work with that offer cash for cars in Fort Lauderdale should depend on the service and reputation of that company. Luckily for you this is an area where SellMax rates above the rest among companies that offer cash for cars in Fort Lauderdale. We buy cars in Fort Lauderdale and work with the seller to help make the process quick and provide a fair offer for their vehicles.

What Types Of Cars Do You Buy in Fort Lauderdale?

We are willing to accept cars in any condition. New cars are great, but we will even provide cash for junk cars in Fort Lauderdale. Yes, we will pay you for that car you thinking about sending to the junk yard in Fort Lauderdale.  If your car has failed a smog test and can not be sold privately, we will still  make an offer for your vehicle.  Even if your car is not paid off in Fort Lauderdale, we will try to work with you so we pay off what you owe first and give you the remaining cash.

How Long Does The Cash For Cars Process Take From When I Contact You Until I Have My Cash?

We have a streamlined process that has been in place since before the turn of the century. When you first contact us, we either collect information about your car in Fort Lauderdale in person, over the phone or the Internet, whichever is most convenient for you. After some research is completed on the condition and value of the car, we make you a cash offer. Depending on the research necessary, some sellers have received their cash the same day they first contacted us.

Just to clarify, I am under no obligation to purchase a car from you in exchange for the offer?

That is correct. We are in the business to purchase cars in Fort Lauderdale and we pay cash to close the deals. We are not going to give you a cash offer and base it on your purchasing a car from us.  Our offer is based solely on the value of your car and the fact that you are the seller and we are the buyer.  There are no strings attached that change the offer made. If you accept our offer, you receive the amount of cash we stated on that offer in Fort Lauderdale.

We Buy Cars Fort Lauderdale Cars In AS-IS Condition

We do expect you to be honest when dealing with us during the transation. As a reputable company in Fort Lauderdale, we will still complete our research though to verify the condition of the vehicle. The offer we make is based on our research, and we will not reach out to you for a change in the offer after the car is sold.

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Fort Lauderdale

1966 Volkswagen Beetle 33310 06-11-2020 $376
1995 Ford Thunderbird 33348 06-11-2020 $753
1978 Subaru Rex 33317 06-11-2020 $747
2010 Bentley Azure 33321 06-10-2020 $497
1993 Bugatti EB 112 33319 06-10-2020 $471
2014 Dodge SRT Viper 33304 06-10-2020 $481
2012 Mercedes-benz C 33394 06-10-2020 $584
2004 Scion XB 33305 06-09-2020 $560
2015 Ford Mustang 33349 06-08-2020 $619
1991 Ford Ranger 33330 06-06-2020 $931
2015 Nissan Juke 33314 06-04-2020 $953
2013 Acura ILX 33303 06-04-2020 $571
2016 Lexus RC 350 33302 06-03-2020 $596
2019 Subaru BRZ 33331 06-02-2020 $792
1978 Bmw 730 33324 05-30-2020 $843

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