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We Pay Cash For Junk Cars In Port St. Lucie, Florida

Surprisingly one of the reasons give for donating their cars instead of getting cash for cars in Port St. Lucie is because it is too much work.  Many of those car owners are overestimating the amount of work that it takes to get cash for cars in Port St. Lucie. As a company that has been in business since before the start of the century, we buy cars in Port St. Lucie for cash and can simplify the process for nervous car owners.  Following the guidelines will increase your chances of making some money in Port St. Lucie instead of sending your car to the junk yard in Port St. Lucie.

What Do I Need To Sell My Car in Port St. Lucie?

All you need to sell your vehicle in Port St. Lucie is to gather a little bit of paperwork. The paperwork you will need includes:

  • Title of the Vehicle- this should show that there are no outstanding liens on the vehicle. If there are liens, SellMax will try to work with you to arrange payment for owner of that lien and then give you the remaining cash.
  • Registration- This will show that your car you have in St. Lucie is registered in Florida and permitted on the road legally.
  • Smog Test Results- This is actually not required to sell your vehicle to SellMax, but if you can find recent results it is helpful to include.

How Long Is This Cash For Cars Process Going to Take?

The process is much quicker than most people in St. Lucie think and more people would probably get cash for their cars ranging from great condition to cash for junk cars in St. Lucie if they knew how quick it was.  A summary of the steps of the process is included below.

  • Contact SellMax and provide us some information regarding the car you wish to sell, this can be done in person, over the phone or over the Internet.
  • Wait while we research the history of your vehicle and inspect your vehicle.
  • Evaluate the offer that we make for your vehicle and accept or reject it.
  • Transfer the car to us and receive your cash

How Do I Sell My Car To Your Port St. Lucie Based Company?

We make it convenient for anyone in Port St. Lucie to get their money in exchange for their car. If you can not deliver the vehicle to our office, we will meet you at your home or office to pick up the vehicle. If your car is not running at the current time, we will cover the cost for the towing of the vehicle.


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2009 Pontiac G5 34988 06-09-2020 $902
2005 Mercedes-benz G 34952 06-09-2020 $857
1964 Maserati 3500 34987 06-08-2020 $807
1953 Maserati A6GCM 34953 06-07-2020 $736
1975 Triumph 2000 34987 06-07-2020 $499
2000 Volkswagen Beetle 34985 06-07-2020 $713
2006 Smart Roadster 34986 06-05-2020 $615
2011 Subaru Forester 34988 06-02-2020 $750
1998 Ferrari 355 TS 34983 06-02-2020 $317
1997 Mercury Cougar 34985 06-02-2020 $742
2012 Chrysler Town & Country 34953 05-30-2020 $336

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