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Selling a car can be a time-consuming and stressful process. It often entails major cash expenditures as well as spending a great deal of your own time. According to national statistics, the average car, once listed, remains on the market for 60 days before finally selling. On top of that, the average do-it-yourself car seller can expect to spend up to 40 hours or more of their own time on such tasks as listing their vehicle, making final repairs, cleaning and interacting with potential buyers both on the phone and in person.

There are also large potential risks involved in selling your own car. While you can usually expect to get close to the Kelly Blue Book value for private parties, market conditions are not always stable. For a car listed at $10,000, you may need to spend up to $1,000 of your own money just to get the vehicle listed and in condition to sell. Then there is the risk that you may not get the full estimated value. It is not uncommon for sellers to ultimately take 10-20 percent below the original asking price, even when the price is set according to authoritative references like kbb.com. The seller also assumes the increasingly real risk of being exposed to crime via Craigslist and similar sites, including the chance of being robbed.

All these considerations lead some people to elect to trade in their vehicle at a dealership. This can also be far from ideal. In the case of cars with less than a $5,000 market value, a dealer trade in may often result in a net sale price of close to nothing. This is because dealers will often pay on the extreme low side for used cars. They will also only give lot credit, meaning what little value you get needs to be spent on cars that already have hugely inflated sticker prices.

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There is a third alternative to selling your used car, one that eliminates most of the risks and costs while still giving you a fair market price, paid in cash. It's called SellMax. Since 1990, Sellmax has been buying used cars in the Lakeside, California area, saving car sellers the time and money involved in listing their own vehicles while eliminating the risks of self-listing and simultaneously offering a fair market price.

The SellMax process is incredibly simple. If you are looking to sell a used car, simply give us a call at (800) 225-7500. After you answer a few simple questions, our agent will give you a quote on your vehicle. At that point, you can either take it or leave it. You're under no further obligation. And the call is absolutely free.

If you choose to accept our offer, we'll send an agent out to where you are located. If all of the information given on the phone call checks out, our buyer will pay you in cash. It's that easy.

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