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Stop! Don’t trade in your car without calling 626-623-7111 and letting SellMax Cash For Cars give you a price quote. Don’t count on Craigslist people to show up to buy your car. Don’t wait for weeks and months to sell your car using old-school methods such as signs and "word of mouth." You may just be old and gray before you get a call. However, by calling us, you can be almost 100 percent certain that you will receive the cash you want for your vehicle in El Monte.


Who We Are

We are a group of certified car buyers that has an office in El Monte CA. Our business revolves around buying cars from people who want to get rid of them. We assess vehicles and buy them all day long. We purchase cars of all makes, models and conditions. Consumers should never be afraid to call us and offer their cars to us because we will say yes nine times out of 10. It is to your benefit that you call us first before you try any of the above-stated methods. If you’ve already tried those methods, then you know that they do not work very well. 


What We Do

We are a no-nonsense El Monte CA car buyer. We take information about the car that you have for sale and then we assess the vehicle. We make you an offer, and you decide whether you want to continue the transaction. We come to your home, office or wherever you have the vehicle, and we purchase it from you. We tow it away when we are finished buying it from you. It’s as simple as that. 

What We Like

The cars that we buy vary, and we do not discriminate. We can work with any vehicle that you have to offer. We take old cars and new cars. You will, of course, receive a lower offer for an old vehicle than you will for a new vehicle. You will only get a high offer on an old vehicle if you have an antique or classic. That makes sense, right? You can offer us a car that is in any condition and we will consider it. Don’t be shy. You’ll never know if you never call. 


What You Get

We strive to provide our customers with the best prices in the industry. We use only the newest and fairest methods to assess the vehicles that we buy. We will consider all information that you give us as we develop your quote. For example, we will consider information such as accident damage, rust and other issues. Our considerations will be included in the quotes. You will receive a fair amount of cash for your vehicle, and you will receive free towing of the vehicle from the premises.


Why We Flourish

Our company stays in high regards in the El Monte CA area for several reasons. First, we have a local office. People love to know that the office is in reach even if they don’t need to come in for anything. Another reason we are popular in El Monte CA is our prompt service. Yet another reason that people love us is our dedication to making the entire process as easy as possible for everyone. Our customers never have to worry about towing, paperwork or any long processes. Hassle-free car selling is what they will get to do if they deal with us. 


How It Works

First, you need to write down any and all information that you have about your vehicle. You’ll need to tell us about your car whether you call us or you complete an online form. We immediately start devising your quote once you contact us. We offer you the quote, and then you let us know whether or not you want us to purchase the vehicle. That is all. We come to you and buy your item if you want us to. We remove the item from your vicinity, and then you enjoy the money that you receive from that process. Selling a car couldn’t be any easier than that. 


Call Us Now

Don’t hesitate to call us before you try any other sales method. You don’t want to end up wasting your time. Call the people that you know will give you money for your vehicle. Get paid today or tomorrow instead of waiting for months because you use an unreliable method. Call us today and get the process started immediately. We are waiting for your call as we love to buy vehicles from area residents. The number once more is 626-623-7111. Call and let us know that you have a gem to sell.

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In El Monte

1976 Mitsubishi Lancer 91732 10-08-2020 $496
1983 Hummer H1 91735 10-07-2020 $709
2000 Bmw 330 91735 10-06-2020 $421
1959 Ferrari 256 F1 91735 10-05-2020 $508
2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 91731 10-05-2020 $841
2003 Kia Sorento 91732 10-03-2020 $420
2010 Mercedes-benz GLK 91734 10-02-2020 $820
2005 Aston-martin DB9 91732 10-01-2020 $799
1991 Mercedes-benz 600 91731 09-29-2020 $344
1981 Mercury Grand Marquis 91732 09-28-2020 $811
1997 Suzuki X90 91735 09-28-2020 $371
1993 Chrysler Voyager 91731 09-26-2020 $551
1996 Lexus SC 91731 09-26-2020 $764
1986 Bmw 628 91734 09-26-2020 $947
1965 Lotus 33 91734 09-24-2020 $697

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