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Get Cash For Cars In Berkeley With SellMax

Are you looking to sell your car? Do you not want to deal with the hassles of trying to post ads on Craigslist to sell your vehicle? Do you want other options besides going to a car dealer to sell or trade in your car? If so, consider SellMax Cash For Cars! We are located in Berkeley CA, and are interested in purchasing vehicles from private owners all over the area. 

Why Should Berkeley CA Car Owners Consider SellMax?

To most used car owners, the only option they thing they have are to either sell their vehicle by posting an ad (either on Craigslist or an automobile classifieds site) or by going to a traditional car dealership. For used car owners in Berkeley CA, SellMax is a third option. But you are probably wondering, what makes us a good alternative? There are many reasons why we are your best option.

We Will Come To You To Check Out Your Car

Let's say you want to sell your car, and you decide to take it to a car dealer. What does that entail? Driving all around town to different dealerships. Sounds like a lot of time and effort. Not only that, what if your vehicle is not in the condition to drive to a dealership? 

Unlike the dealerships, we will come to you to check out your vehicle and give you a quote. Not only that, if we decide to purchase your vehicle, we will tow it, free of charge. This service (which many if not most car dealers will not offer) alone makes us a better option if you are looking to sell your used vehicle.

We Are Interested in Cars of All Conditions

Most car dealerships or private buyers are not interested in vehicles that have issues. But unlike the other guys, SellMax will consider buying damaged cars, broken down cars, old cars, even junk cars! No matter the condition of your vehicle, we will consider buying your car. 

We Will Give You A No Obligation Price

After we come out to you to check out your vehicle and decide that we want to buy it, we will give you a no obligation quote. There is no pressure, if you are interested in selling to us for the price quote we give you, we will buy your car. If not, there is no problem. 

How Our Car Buying Process Works

So you've decided that we offer an option that is potentially better than what other channels are offering, and you want us to check out your vehicle. What are the first steps? Below is our process for deciding whether or not to buy your car, and what price we will offer you.

First, you call us at (510)-257-9455, and we will ask you some basic information about your vehicle. You tell us the make, model, year, mileage, and vehicle condition. Based upon this information we formulate our price. There are many factors that go into our price formulation. Whether or not the vehicle runs or not will impact our offer. The age of the vehicle will also impact the price, but in some cases a classic car may be worth more than you think. 

After we have taken the information you provided into consideration, we come to you to inspect the vehicle to further tailor our quote. Once we have all the information and have physically inspected the car, we will give you our no obligation quote, and you will have the option whether or not to sell us your vehicle. 

The Best of Both Worlds With SellMax

When you deal with SellMax, you get the best of both worlds. First, you get the benefit of dealing with a trusted and professional car purchaser. Unlike with a private sale, you do not have to deal with strangers coming to your home to "kick the tires" so to speak, strangers who may try to low ball you or simply waste your time. Second, unlike with the other professional option (Car Dealership), we come to you to inspect your vehicle, and if we buy your car, we will tow it for free. Try getting that offer from a dealership, who will make you try all the way across town just for a slight chance they will buy your car. Combine that with our highly tailored no obligation sales quote, and you have a fantastic option with SellMax.

If you are used car owner in Berkeley CA, or the surrounding areas, consider calling SellMax at (510)-257-9455. Remember we are interested in buying all sorts of used vehicles in every kind of condition from owners in the areas, and will come to you to check out your vehicle.

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1999 Mercury Mountaineer 94708 01-09-2023 $642
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