Does CarMax Buy Cars That Don't Run?

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Does CarMax Buy Cars That Don't run

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The short answer to this question is yes, they do. CarMax buys cars in all types of shape. They buy cars with transmission trouble, engine trouble, blown head gaskets, bad clutches and more. CarMax will buy almost any vehicle. They do have some rules and formulas to how they work though.

How Does CarMax Determine The Price Of A Non-Running Car?

CarMax determines car value based on a number of factors. First they take into account the overall shape of your car. This includes physical damage, mechanical problems, engine problems, computer systems and damage to core parts. This is the first factor that determines the car’s value. They look at physical deformities as well such as dented fenders, windshields, headlights, damage to the interior, dashboard and seats of a car, anything that will impact the value. It is good to note that having the car cleaned will not improve the value of the car when it is inspected.

The second thing that CarMax looks at is the age and mileage of your car. For cars over 100,000 miles, CarMax does not resell these vehicles. Therefore the market value of these vehicles is significantly lower by CarMax’s appraisal standard. They will still purchase old and high mileage vehicles, even ones that do not run, the relative value will be diminished accordingly.

The third factor that CarMax takes into account in their appraisal process is market interest. More popular vehicles fetch more money. This means that a more popular vehicle is worth more and thus gets a higher appraisal. This can cause even a non running vehicle to have a higher value. CarMax also requires all cars to have a valid title and proper identification and other paperwork before they are sold. This can be an issue for some sellers.

Are They The Best Option?

That question is sort of relative. They are a good option for selling your non running car but it is not what they specialize in . If the car is not able to be repaired they may only purchase the vehicle to be sold at auction or sold for parts. When this is the case the appraisal value of the car will be lower. They are a good option for a car seller who is looking to make a quick payout on a non running car and they are better than some other options out there.

For sellers, CarMax offers the convenience of a guaranteed sale in the cases where vehicle value is not as important as simply being rid of the vehicle. Their offers are generally very fair based on the shape of a vehicle, though a seller could make more selling it on their own, the tradeoff is the time it takes to do so.

Are There Alternative Options?

There are a few options out there to sell you non running vehicle. The most obvious option is sell your car for scrap. They will often pay you a set amount per pound based on the weight of the car. This usually results in a few hundred dollars or so for the vehicle. This is the quick and easy option for vehicle disposal but certainly not the best.

Another option may be to try and find a used car dealership that takes broken down vehicles as trade ins or for small amounts of cash. Generally, you won’t get much out of the vehicle but it will take the liability off of your hands. This is another fast and easy option, assuming you can find a dealership that will take the vehicle.

The third and most risky option is to try and sell the vehicle yourself. The problems with a personal sale are the time it takes and the liability of selling a broken vehicle. It can often take a lot of time to sell a vehicle yourself either through online ads or through local papers and things. It is also difficult to avoid issues when disclosing vehicle damage as the seller is often held liable for any mishaps even after the vehicle is sold if they failed to disclose anything. This can lead to lawsuits and all sorts of other hassles.

Consider SellMax To Sell Your Car That Doesn’t Run

SellMax not only buys cars that don’t run, it’s what they specialize in. SellMax buys old cars, broken cars, frame damaged cars, ugly cars, and many other types of “bad car”. You can get an instant offer from our site and sell your car to us the same day. We come to you, so no having to bring the broken car to the dealership or appraiser, we do the towing for free. What’s even better is that once you sell your car to us, you’re liability free. No more worrying about that broken down car or potential lawsuits from a disgruntled customer.

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