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Cash For Cars In Miramar, Florida

Transform Your Car to Cash with SellMax of Miramar

When did selling a car become so complicated? You have better things to do than drive to multiple dealers, get lowball offers, arrange transportation home, and then do all the tedious paperwork yourself.

Cash for Cars in Miramar wants your car, and we will go the extra mile to prove it.

We Accept All Miramar Cars

If you have a used car and want to sell it, we’ll buy it as-is. Seriously.

  • Junker car? We’ll take it!
  • Nice car? Call us!
  • Damaged? No problem!
  • Failed the emissions test? It won’t fail our test!
  • Selling a salvage title car? All good!
  • Major accident? We’ll buy it!

We mean it when we say we accept all cars as-is, including yours! You can call for a quote knowing you won’t be turned away.

We Offer Cash Quickly

Cash for Cars in Miramar will purchase your used car in exchange for, you guessed it, cash. No fuss. No muss. No wait.

Most sales are completed the same day, so you could go to bed tonight with cash in your pocket (or under your pillow, we don’t judge).

We Value You

Cars are our business, transparency is our promise.

When you call us to sell, we will offer you a fair price right over the phone. Our offer price considers a number of factors, including:

  • Year, make, and model
  • Mileage
  • Extent of Damage
  • Presence of Rust
  • Demand on Market (higher demand = higher price!)

As part of our commitment to a hassle-free process, we promise to offer a fair price. No tricks. No hidden fees. If you need time to think about it, no problem! You can take your time. What you see is what you get!

We Handle Everything

All you do is call us to sell, and then take the cash. Bragging to your friends is optional.

We will do everything else! We research the market, make the offer, retrieve the car with free towing, and even handle all the DMV paperwork for you. That’s right. You don’t even have to go to the DMV.

How to Start

Call us at (800) 225-7500. It’s that simple!

What to Expect

  • A stress-free process
  • A friendly, fast, and fair offer from an expert
  • No pressure, no tricks, no hidden fees
  • Complimentary junk car removal service
  • Same or next business day service
  • Cash!

Free Towing and Removal Service

Yeah, let’s circle back to this. We will come and get your car.

So if your car won’t move on its own, no worries! If you just want to save some effort, we got you! Busy work and weekend schedule? No problem!

We genuinely give cash for junk cars in Miramar, and we go the extra mile (literally) by also offering free junk car removal. When possible, we can even arrange the same day pick-up. Now that’s convenience.

Free DMV Paperwork Service

Whether this is your first car sale or your eleventh, you need to notify the DMV about car sales and title changes. Rather than make you do all the tedious paperwork on your own, we take care of it for you.

You can use the saved time to figure out how you want to spend all your cash!

Why You Should Choose Cash for Cars in Miramar Over Other Options

Sure, you have other options for your used car. But we all know the downsides to these more traditional methods:

  • You can let your junk car sit on the lot for another month, lowering in value and gathering rust.
  • You can run around town negotiating offers and taking all the risk.
  • You can try to sell your car to a junkyard in Miramar, getting only a fraction of the value and arranging your own transportation there and back home.
  • You can trade it in for a “credit” at a dealership, knowing you’ll have to fight tooth and nail for a fair offer every step of the way.
  • You can sell to a private seller, handling all the paperwork with a stranger who knows very little about the legal requirements.

Our service was designed to be better than the traditional methods. We became car experts. We take the risk. We come get your car. We handle all the paperwork. We pay a fair cash price without any smoke and mirrors. We are professionals at what we do and have grown fast. We started off paying cash for cars in Santa Barbara and offering cash for junk cars in Austin, Texas. Now we service the entire United States.

Why Wait?

Think about your car right now. Have you tried to sell it yet? How long has it been costing you more money than it’s worth? Are you ready to check one major thing off your to-do list?

Selling your car doesn’t need to be stressful, frustrating, or complicated.

We buy cars in Miramar, and we'll buy yours, too. Give us a call (or fill out our online form) for a risk-free quote today! You deserve it.

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