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Scenic Rochester has a little something for each of its residents: over 12,000 acres of parkland, museums to suit interest, kayaking, apple picking, and unique daytrips. Visiting Highland Park and the Finger Lakes wine country can help you wind down or you can get amped up with a trip to Seabreeze Amusement Park followed by a Crush Beer and Wine Tour.

With all there is to do in beautiful Rochester, taking the time to trade in a car to a dealer or sell that car you’ve been itching to get rid of shouldn’t be how you waste your day.

SellMax in Rochester can set you free from your old car and get you a pocketful of cash to get out there and find your happy place!

Our experienced, friendly car buyers will pay cash for your car in Rochester, no matter what shape, size, condition, or relationship status it’s in. That’s right!

We love to buy cars and we’ll give you a CASH offer for your new, old, or non-running wheels today, often the same day.

We Buy Cars Running Or Not In Rochester, NY

Set down those car-selling worries at our door and pick up your hiking shoes, adventurer! SellMax in Rochester pays cash for any type of car, no matter the condition, inside or out.

We’re here to make you a same-day offer for your car, truck, SUV, or van, even if it’s been hanging out in your yard growing weeds. That’s right, if your license plate expired before Hamilton became a hit, we’ll still give you cash for it!

We buy cars that are in great condition, as-in condition, damaged condition, and even old scrap cars that are destined for the Promised Land at the Rochester junk yard. We pay cash for that damaged, beaten-up, spray-painted, junky old thang. Heck, we even buy cars with salvaged titles which can make them tricky to trade.

We’re not picky; our buyers have open hearts and open minds when it comes to buying your car. SellMax will arrange for a free pickup of that obsolete auto by our Rochester junk car removal squad who will oh-so-carefully tow it out of sight to its final resting place. We always offer a free tow when we purchase a vehicle.

The offer we send you is in cash money, American dollars, US coin—you get it. And the amount never changes, no matter how many bushes we have to tramp through to get your baby out of there.

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars In Rochester, NY:


I’m In! How Do I Sell My Car To Your Rochester Based Company?

It’s easy-peasy from start to finish to get cash for your junk car in Rochester. SellMax has figured out how to make the whole process quick and simple for our sellers. Once you’ve sent us the details on your ride, we give you a cash offer right on the spot.

That offer is complete without any hidden fees or charges for towing. The amount we’re willing to give you won’t change.

After we send you that incredible, competitive quote, you accept and we do the rest! Your SellMax buyer in Rochester will arrange to meet up with you, often the same day, to finish up some minimal paperwork, check over your ride, and hand over the dough.

Don’t forget, pickup is at your convenience and there’s no cost for any of this. We’ll meet you anywhere you want: home, work, your mom’s house (we expect pie).

Here's How To Sell Us A Car In Rochester

1. Grab your computer or phone and get ready to connect with our awesome buyers.

2. Give us a call or fill out our online form to send us your car’s specs. The more info you give us up front, the better. That helps us give you an accurate offer right away.

3. Receive a competitive offer from our Rochester buyers on the spot, no matter your car’s condition. It’s relationship status is It’s Complicated? Fine with us! We still want to welcome it into our SellMax heart.

4. Arrange a time and location to meet up with your amazing buyer, finish up some minimal paperwork, and get going with exploring your beautiful city or head back to your couch for a nap. You’ve accomplished something huge today, my friend.

We Make It Easy To Sell A Car For Cash In Rochester

Your SellMax buyer is there to walk you through the car-selling process with transparency, honesty, and a smile. Truly, we have a rep for being the best in the business for customer service and support.

Our buyers will answer your questions, help you with pickup arrangements, and do everything except go deposit your stack of banknotes for you. We are so excited to buy cars every day; it’s a little bit scary (just kidding!). So, if you are looking to sell a junk car you know who to call.

The best part of this whole thing is that there’s no pressure. The offer you’re sent is exactly what we’ll give you in CASH. Dolla’ dolla’ bills, ya’ll. If we make you an offer you can’t refuse and you accept it, we do our best to keep things running smoothly.

You’ll be confident that you’ve gotten top dollar for your car, regardless of condition, and you won’t have to weed out online buyers who want to give you a lower price than you want for your sweet baby.

SellMax is here to offer you an awesome quote for your car, leaving you feeling happy, satisfied, and tons richer!

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Rochester

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1989 Mercury Grand Marquis 14652 09-09-2023 $705
2019 Porsche 918 Spyder 14649 09-08-2023 $344
2017 Bmw 4 Series 14620 09-07-2023 $992
1984 Plymouth Caravelle 14664 09-07-2023 $894
1972 Buick Centurion 14614 09-05-2023 $702
2019 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 14683 09-05-2023 $368
2019 Volkswagen E-Golf 14619 09-05-2023 $634
2003 Chrysler Grand Voyager 14613 08-31-2023 $854
2002 Kia Sorento 14616 08-30-2023 $779
1957 Buick Century 14611 08-30-2023 $329
1988 Bentley Continental 14609 08-29-2023 $307
1995 Land-rover Range Rover 14604 08-29-2023 $428
1978 Pontiac Grand Safari 14639 08-28-2023 $309
1955 Chevrolet Half-Ton 14623 08-28-2023 $587

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