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Cash For Cars in Yonkers

We Buy Cars Running Or Not In Yonkers

Here at SellMax, we do nothing but state the facts with people about our new location of Cash For Cars in Yonkers. We believe in honesty and integrity when doing business with our clients.

Let us introduce ourselves first. Our company originated in San Diego in 1990. We have built up various teams in new locations across the States. 

If you have an old car that you are wanting to sell or be rid of, Cash For Cars in Yonkers is here to take the load off with such ease, you will be wondering why you had not come to us sooner. 

What do we do here at Cash For Cars in Yonkers?

To put it straight forward and simply, we want to buy your car in Yonkers That sounds too easy, does it not?

In fact, it is!

Here are the types of car conditions we are willing to buy:

  • as-in condition 
  • nice, “fancy looking”
  • damaged
  • non-running
  • junk cars

“Will you buy my car even if it is scratched up, has some dents and dings, and if the paint has peeled off?

Absolutely! Here at at Cash For Cars in Yonkers, we faithfully follow our policy of buy-all-cars. We accept cars in wonderful and running condition, but we eagerly accept cars that seemed to have almost reached the end of their mileage. 

The one running on its last remaining wheel, close to where it should instead be in a junk yard in Yonkers, that’s the one we want as well! 

In fact, we may even change our names to Cash For Junk Cars in Yonkers- not as shiny as a name though, is it? Nevertheless, we mean it when we say that  we will make an offer on all cars far and in between these descriptions. 

We are not picky, but we are solely out on a mission to fulfill from the 90s to now and further into the future.

“I’m considering on selling my car to Cash For Cars in Yonkers. How do I do this?”

Our simple process is stress and hassle free that could you stay sitting on your couch in your pajamas as we begin on the phone if you give us a call! 

The other option is to stop by at our Cash For Cars location in Yonkers, speak with a team member to fill out little paperwork to give you the best quote, and the last part is up to you. Agree to our offer and we will quickly exchange your car for a nice sum of cash! 

“What will you need to sell my car with your company?” 

We just need to know these simple details in your fill-out form about your car:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Location

“I would love to make a deal with Cash For Cars in Yonkers, but my car won’t start and I do not want to have it towed there.”

We completely understand! That’s why our services offer to come to wherever you are. Whether that be your home, work, or another location, we will work outside our Cash For Cars location in Yonkers. 

We offer free towing if you decide to sell your car to us and you do not even have to lift a finger in this moving process- Except to give us a call and we do the dirty work for you!

This hassle free process reduces the time and worry of placing an ad, finding a buyer, or negotiating with a car dealership that solely strives to pay the minimum worth of your car. 

When we say “hassle free,” Cash For Cars in Yonkers also means that there are no hidden fees that we spring up on you as the seller. 

This time, you get to be the car salesman. Although, we find ourselves to be a ready and willing customer to purchase your product.

Here at Cash For Cars in Yonkers,

“Happy customers made us happy. Simple as that.”

While you are in the Yonkers area, there are a few attractions that are a few blocks away from us if you have some leisure time. 

If you are the “one with nature” type, there is the Tibbetts Brook Park that has some appeal to everyone in your family. This 161-acre park is filled with recreational activities that can consume the rest of your free day. There are plenty of playground areas for children, as well as a Tudor-style vintaged bathhouse to admire for adults. 

All in all, there is much to see within this park that there are many of activities to lose track of time in.

If you would rather be indoors, the Hudson River Museum is a must see attraction that is filled with art, science, and history. The museum offers more than art collections from the early 1810s through the late 1960s. but it also has a planetarium of stories about our world and universe beyond.

If those are not of an interest for you, there is also the Glenview Historic Home that is free with Museum admission. 

You can get lost in this simple area and have a little wiggle room to spurge to visit this popular attraction. 

If you want to earn some money for your car, give Cash For Cars in Yonkers a call at (800) 225-7500 and we will have a team member assist and answer any further questions you may have about us.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Yonkers

2000 Gmc Safari 10705 03-31-2024 $746
1995 Pontiac Bonneville 10703 03-29-2024 $385
1967 Volvo P 1800 10703 03-27-2024 $704
1992 Chevrolet Blazer 10702 03-26-2024 $662
2018 Honda Fit 10704 03-24-2024 $631
1991 Saab 9000 10702 03-24-2024 $933
2006 Volvo C70 10701 03-23-2024 $562
2009 Aston-martin V8 Vantage 10705 03-21-2024 $634
1984 Buick Estate 10701 03-20-2024 $903
2008 Maserati V8 GranSport 10704 03-19-2024 $504
2015 Ford Mustang 10710 03-19-2024 $435
1960 Bentley S2 10701 03-19-2024 $885
2020 Mercedes-Benz Maybach 10705 03-18-2024 $930
1961 Aston-martin DB4 10703 03-17-2024 $668
2020 Buick Encore GX 10710 03-17-2024 $856

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