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Cash For Cars Vacaville

Family fun, outdoor adventure, shopping, and local flavor combine to make Vacaville a city where friends come together to soak up the best that life has to offer.

But, what if instead of heading to meet your pals at the winery for a night out, you’re stuck at home answering Marketplace messages about that car you have for sale? We all know selling a car on craigslist isn't fun.

No, you don’t want a window air conditioner and a used baby pool as a trade. Thanks, but no thanks, Jerry.  SellMax is here to make selling your car quick, easy, and frustration-free so you can get back spending time with your buds.

Can You Help Me Sell A Junk Car In Vacaville?

SellMax in Vacaville will pay cash for your car, no matter what shape it’s in. Our junk car buyers are on-site and ready to send you a sweet offer on your ride right this second. We buy cars running or not in as-is condition, often the same day you send in a request to us.

We’ve figured out how to make the process of selling your car uncomplicated, getting money into your hands quicker than Spiderman can scale a building.

We Buy Cars In Vacaville

It’s true! SellMax buys cars in all conditions, regardless of what’s wrong or oh-so-right with them. You just fill out our simple online form and we send you back a stellar offer the same day.

Our buyers purchase vehicles that are in like-new, good, damaged, and non-running condition. We aren’t choosy! You never have to worry that your car will be rejected or that you won’t have a buyer.

SellMax in Vacaville immediately sends you a competitive offer from our buyers who are ready to pass you over a stack of bills in exchange for your car, truck, SUV, or minivan.

If you still don’t think we’ll send you an amazing quote because your car isn’t in the best condition, rest assured. We pay cash for junk cars, too!

Even if the final resting place for your baby is the junk yard in Vacaville, our junk car removal experts will take care of everything for you. There are never any charges and we offer free towing seven days a week.

We take care of hauling off your lawn ornament for free! The quote we send never changes and it’s a cash offer, ready for you to accept, then and there. We’ll never sneak in hidden fees or surprise you with charges right before we show up to get your wheels.

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars In Vacaville, including:


  • Cars in perfect condition
  • Cars in nice, drivable condition
  • Cars that have some damage, but are emotionally available
  • We'll help you sell a salvaged title car. that can be hard to trade in to a dealer.
  • Cars that haven’t moved since The Rock wore that fanny pack (admit it, you bought one too)

How Do I Sell My Car in Vacaville?

Selling your car with SellMax couldn’t be easier! We have simplified the process of getting cold, hard cash for your car without a fuss. You’ll never have to deal with a slimy car salesman lurking around, waiting to lowball you.

Our offers are competitive; we won’t insult you with some cut-rate offer you’d get elsewhere. We pay cash for cars in Vacaville every single day and we want you to getcha some too!

Here's How To Sell A Car In Vacaville

1) Head over to our webpage to access the online form or give us a shout on the telly. We love talking to our customers!

2) Sends us all the details about your car: make, model, mileage, star sign, we want to know everything.

3) Review the groovy offer we send you and accept it. Yes, want to give you THAT MUCH CASH!

4) Meet up with our car buyer at a Vacaville location that works for you, finish up some minimal paperwork, and wave goodbye to your new BFF (your incredible buyer). You’ll have a pocketful of dough and the whole day free to spend it!

What We Say is What We Mean

Sounds easy, right? That’s because SellMax has removed all those extra steps other companies use to make it harder to sell or trade your auto. Those additional hoops are there so the other guys can stick in extra fees and conditions for selling your car.

We stick to the offer we send, never adding hidden fees or removal charges at the last mintue.

Remember, your quote is your quote; it stays exactly the same no matter what. Our Vacaville buyers are completely up front with you every step of the way, from the second you submit your info to the final moment when we hand you your money.

At SellMax in Vacaville, we promise that you’ll have unbelievable customer support throughout your experience with us. Our staff shows up every day, thrilled and caffeinated to offer you the best service in the industry.

From start to finish, we’ll be there to ensure you walk away one car lighter and several dollars heavier. Although, we started out by paying cash for cars in Portland we really enjoy offering our services in Vacaville, California.

Contact our Vacaville buyers today and get your cash offer. You need some amazing customer service (and some Pinot Grigio) in your life!

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1990 Cadillac Allante 95688 03-30-2024 $913
2000 Chrysler Panel Cruiser 95688 03-28-2024 $941
2015 Bmw X1 95696 03-27-2024 $674
1988 Mercedes-benz 190 95687 03-27-2024 $856
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