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Cash For Cars Ventura - Sell Us Your Car

You’re probably tired of traditional car-selling methods. It’s even more tiring when you have a car you think nobody would ever want that you need to sell fast. We’d like to ease your mind a bit. At SellMax, we give you  cash for the used car that you’re trying to get rid of. No questions asked. We are a company that started out by helping individuals sell cars in San Diego, and have since expanded throughout all of California.


How Do I Sell My Car To SellMax In Ventura, California?

It’s a simple process. You call us. We get your car off of your hands and we give you cash. All in one day.


How Does The Cash For Junk Cars Process Work In Ventura?

At SellMax, we give cash for cars in Ventura, and it really doesn’t matter the condition they’re in. That means if you have a junk car, damaged car, salvaged car, or a used car that doesn’t even run anymore, we’re still interested! We stand apart from any other car buyer you’ll find.


Please don’t think you need to spend time or money to impress us. You don’t need to spend your valuable resources to get it cleaned, washed, and detailed before the sale. All you have to do is give us a call.


Will You Buy My Car?

At SellMax in Ventura, we buy cars running or not, we don’t discriminate. We love used cars of all shapes, sizes, colors, and conditions. So while it might seem too good to be true, we want to assure you that we will buy your used car.


  • We will give you cash for your car as is!
  • We will give you cash for your nice, used car!
  • We will give you cash for your damaged car and help you sell a salvaged car!
  • We will give you cash for your non-running car!
  • We will give you cash for your junk car.


Yes, we really will! If you’re trying to get rid of it, we want to give you cash for it.


Cash for Cars in As-Is Condition in Ventura

Just like we don’t judge the cars we give cash for based on appearance, we also want you to know that we don’t judge you based on your financial situation. We understand that times get hard and sometimes you just need cash fast.


If this is the case, we can help you out! We’ll take your car off of your hands and hopefully make your life a little easier by giving you cash for your used car as is. You’ll be getting some much-needed cash and eliminating any pesky auto bills that are creeping up on you. And please don’t feel like you need to get your used car washed, detailed, or cleaned out. It doesn’t matter to us.


What matters to us, is giving you the cash you need.



Cash for Nice Cars in Ventura

So many people are making the choice to be a little more eco-friendly. One way of helping the planet is to opt for public transport over driving everywhere. We applaud you for your commitment to the environment. Not only do we applaud you, we want to reward you. With cash.


If you’re interested in selling your nice, used car, make SellMax in Ventura your first call. We won’t give you the hassle you’d find at a dealership for a trade-in. Time trading in a car can be better spent.  Instead, we’ll put cash in your hand as you start making your life more environmentally friendly. If you're wondering "Where can I sell my car in Ventura" SellMax is the right choice.


Let’s get that cash in your hand today!


Cash for Damaged Cars In Ventura

If you’ve been in an accident, you’re already dealing with loads of undue stress. Depending on the situation you or your family members might be physically recovering from impact. On top of that, you’re facing medical and auto bills (including the bill for the tow).


Don’t think you have to face these bills on your own. We will give you cash for your damaged car. We’ll give you cash for your salvaged car. We don’t want you to pay more to repair your car than what it’s worth.


You don’t have to face this daunting financial situation on your own. Call us up, and we can help.



Cash for Non-Running Cars

Do you have a car that’s taking up space in your garage, workshop, or back yard? It might not run and you might not have the time or money to get it back up and running. We can give you cash for it, and you can free up a little room in your workspace.


What about the rusty junk car that’s been in your family’s yard for over a decade? It’s probably not the most elegant yard ornament and maybe you’ve got family members urging you to take it away for junk car removal or tell you to sell the car to a junkyard in Ventura.


We understand the sentimental value of old cars. We also understand if you need to get your hands on some cash. We’re here to help. We give cash for junk cars.


Yes, We’ll Give Cash for Your Used Car

If your car is junk, doesn’t run, or damaged we’ll give you cash. We’ll also give you cash for you nice used car as is.  Life is busy. Times get hard. Selling your car shouldn’t be. That’s why at SellMax we give cash for cars in Ventura. 


We’re looking forward to your call! The sooner you call, the sooner we can put the cash you need  in your hand.

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