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We Pay Cash for Cars in Santa Monica, CA

Do you live in the Santa Monica area and have a car you need to sell? As the saying goes “Time is Money” so maximize your money and minimize your time spent searching for car buyers or a junk yard in Santa Monica. You only have to make one call to SellMax and we can walk you through the rest.

What Are Your Selling Options?

There are several ways that you can go about selling your car on your own.

  • You can put an ad on Craigslist or other online marketplaces, and hope for a few bites, and hope that the people you talk to do not waste your time or stand you up.
  • Go to a dealership, but if you have ever tried trading in a car before you know that it is frustrating, and the offers are typically low
  • Ride around with a For Sale sign in the window, but this isn’t an option if your car is a Junker and doesn’t run.
  • Take it to a car auction, this is always a gamble and you could end up with the lowest amount of money possible.

Will We Buy Your Car?

Yes! We even pay cash for junk cars in Santa Monica. We will buy your damaged car, and help you trade in a car with problems, and used cars in good condition.SellMax has a buy all vehicles policy. That means you have no need to worry, that policy states that SellMax will accept ALL vehicles, no matter their condition or what they look like. There isn’t a car that we won’t buy.

Who buys cars that don't run? SellMax BUYS it!

Who can help me sell my salvaged car? SellMax

What if it’s in really bad shape? SellMax BUYS it!

What if it’s a truck or an SUV instead of a car? SellMax BUYS it!

What if I can’t bring it to you? SellMax BUYS it! We come to you!

What if I can’t find the title? SellMax BUYS it! We work with you and the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the paperwork needed.


How Do We Pay Cash for Cars in Santa Monica?

We have a streamline 4 step process that ensures the process is easy and stress free, and it all starts with a phone call. You never have to leave your home!

1. Gather Information:

On that call we will ask questions to get the basic information needed to get your quote started such as:

  • Vehicle’s Make and Model
  • Vehicle’s Year
  • Location
  • Condition

2. Quote is Provided

Once we have the information need, we do not waste any time in getting you a quote with a great price.
This is a no commitment quote with absolutely no pressure to purchase. We provide you with a competitive offer and you can choose to accept or not. We even understand if you need some time to think it over. We want to make selling your junk car easy and hassle free.

3. We Pick Up Your Vehicle

We come to the vehicle’s location in Santa Monica and do a quick inspection. Then we have you sign a little bit of paperwork.

4. We Pay You Cash

This is where we hand over the cold hard cash, turning your vehicle into a pile of money. There is a possibility you will receive a check, but that is dependent on the size of the offer. This is also the step where you wave your car goodbye while we tow it or drive it away.

Why Should You Choose SellMax?

We buy cars running or not in Santa Monica, but that is not all we do; we provide a solution to our client’s problems. We understand the struggle that many people face with trying to get rid of a car that would be considered junk. Many times, people will try to sell their old car on craigslist or by using other marketplaces, but it winds up being frustrating, takes a lot of time, and have no real results. We believe your time is valuable and want to be the only call you need to make.

We also know that there is always a little hesitation when making such a big decision. You want to make sure you are choosing the right option and that you are getting the most amount of money. We strive to provide our clients with a peace of mind. We always provide honest, fair, and competitively priced quotes. We want our clients to get the money they deserve, and to never feel pressured into a decision.

Lastly, we've been buying cars for a long time. We consider ourselves experts in the field and have quickly grown. We started out paying cash for junk cars in Los Angeles and have quickly grown to buying junk cars in Phoenix and other areas. Our quick growth is a testament to our quality of service.

We Bought Your Car, Now What?

You can use that time we saved you to have fun in Santa Monica. There are many places to visit and sites to see. Even if you have lived here all your life there is always something to see that you haven’t seen before.

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Santa Monica

2018 Buick Regal 90409 06-10-2024 $882
2003 Mercury Sable 90401 06-08-2024 $519
2021 Volkswagen Passat 90407 06-08-2024 $701
2023 Audi E-tron GT 90411 06-07-2024 $710
1964 Bmw 3200 CS 90406 06-05-2024 $520
1969 Volvo 164 90401 06-05-2024 $310
1964 Jaguar E-Type 90403 06-04-2024 $339
2001 Jaguar XJ220 90410 06-03-2024 $495
2001 Isuzu Axiom 90407 06-02-2024 $369
2021 Toyota Sequoia 90403 06-02-2024 $640
2003 Porsche 996 90409 06-01-2024 $748
1983 Plymouth Reliant 90402 05-30-2024 $475
1954 Mercedes-benz Ponton 90405 05-28-2024 $959
2012 Aston-martin V8 Vantage 90404 05-27-2024 $708
2015 Mercedes-benz E-Class 90408 05-27-2024 $343

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