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Got a car? Want cash?

SellMax in Anaheim/Orange CA can help. Call us to get an immediate over-the-phone quote. If you accept the offer, SellMax will come to your location and pay you the agreed amount for your car. Alternatively, you can start the process any time day or night by sending your information through the website.

Cash for Cars: How SellMax Works

SellMax specializes in buying cars of all kinds -- used cars, newer cars, even junk cars. Here's how the process works:

  1. You call SellMax of Orange CA (714-418-4140) and tell us about your car. Or you can tell us about your car through our website any hour of the day or night.
  2. SellMax quotes you an offer over the phone or through the website.
  3. If you accept the offer, a SellMax representative will come to see you, inspect the vehicle and, after completing the necessary paperwork, pay you for it.
  4. That's it! You have the money, SellMax has the car. SellMax will move it from your location to theirs promptly.

Typically, this whole process can take place the same day that you make the call. The condition of the car you want to sell doesn't matter. It doesn't have to look good. It doesn't have to be clean. It doesn't have to run. It doesn't have to pass the smog test. It may be damaged or be missing parts. SellMax will still pay you for it.

Why SellMax?

Let's say you do have a car you want to unload. Why should you use SellMax?

Reason 1: We aren't picky. SellMax's policy is to quote a price for any car offered, no matter what its condition is.

Reason 2: Our offers are competitive. We don't have time to waste and neither do you.

Reason 3: We make it easy and fast. You can get an instant, no obligation quote either through our website or on the phone. If you accept the offer, we'll help you with the paperwork to transfer ownership and pay you immediately. Once the transaction is complete, we'll remove the vehicle promptly.

Reason 4: We come to you. We'll meet you at your front door, at home or at work, wherever is convenient for you. Just let us know where you'd like to meet.

Reason 5: Our website is available 24/7. You can start the process whenever you're ready. Our staff works normal business hours, but if you have special time constraints, we can work with you to schedule an appointment that works for everyone.

Reason 6: We have no hidden or surprise fees, and we cover all transaction costs. For example, we take care of towing and any freon disposal charge or the like.

Anytime you need to sell your car fast, SellMax is there for you. If you need cash for junk cars, one or several, SellMax is ready to work with you. If you just need an old hulk removed from your yard because your neighbor is concerned about property values, SellMax will be happy to help and pay you for the privilege. Even if the car is not running, is missing parts, or has damage, SellMax will make you a fair, hassle-free offer.

All you have to lose is that old car you don't want anymore anyway and you can have a nice stack of cash in exchange.


You may be wondering if it can really be so easy to get cash for a car you don't want anymore.

Yes it can! Call us to see. When Tom and Tony started SellMax back in 1990, their vision was to make the process of selling a car as simple, quick and convenient for the individual seller as possible.

SellMax is licensed and bonded in the state of California, so you know we're a reputable, well-established business. We started doing business in San Diego in 1990 and our friendly, helpful staff have been turning cars into cash ever since. We've been buying cars in the Anaheim/Orange CA area for about 10 years. At this point, SellMax has expanded to a number of locations in California and Arizona.

All we need to know is your car's make, year, location and condition, and our amazing industry experts will give you a fair offer for it over the phone or through our website instantly. Doesn't that sound easier than dealing with a used car salesman or trying to find an interested buyer through classified advertising? Better yet, we won't pull the rug out from under you by changing the offer at the last minute or springing unexpected hidden fees on you.

Even if the title is missing, as long as the vehicle is titled in California and you own it outright, we can buy it from you. If you're still making payments, we'll go with you to the bank to pay it off and, of course, you'll receive whatever is left over from the offer.

We'll work with your schedule. You tell us when and where and our team will be there to complete the deal. Most of the time, we can complete the process very quickly -- usually on the same day and sometimes within an hour.

We have an unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction, so we'll do everything in our power to give you a fair price for your car and an enjoyable car selling experience.

Do you still have questions? Please call and give us a chance to answer them. We'd love to hear from you. Or you can view our FAQ.

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Call us today or visit our website to get an immediate offer for the vehicle you don't need anymore. The process is quick and easy and we'll do our best to make it fun.


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