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Cash for Cars in Chico

We Buy Cars In Chico, California

As a company, SellMax has one goal. We seek to purchase used cars from individuals like you. Today's market is so competitive as it presents many different options for each customers’ needs. You could call for your car to be towed from your driveway, you could trade your car in to help you purchase a different car, or you could consider selling your car.

Then comes the question of where to sell it and how much you would even sell it for. We know how time-consuming of a process it can be for an individual. That is where we can help. It has never been easier to sell a car —especially because we do most of the work for you. Before you give up and decide to leave your car in some random junkyard in Chico, make sure you give us a call first.

SellMax Makes It Easy To Sell A Car For Cash In Chico

For people who want to gain a fair profit in exchange for their car with minimal work, SellMax is the solution to your problem. Clear out space in your driveway or garage, and get some extra money for your car today!

Located in the “City of Roses,” Chico is one of the most populous cities in the Sacramento Valley. Chico is a beautiful city full of the rich history of Native Americans and the Gold Rush era. Chico today is still rich in its history due to the diversity and stories of its inhabitants residing in the beautiful city today.

Regardless of the many different backgrounds that make up the people of Chico, many of the residents have at least one thing in common; they are car owners (just like you) who have unique stories of their own. Some people living within Chico are first-time car buyers; others have been driving the same car for years. Regardless of your story, we are here to help when you decide what you would like to do next regarding your vehicle.

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What We Do

Parting from a car is hard. We try to make it as easy as possible for you. We understand that cars hold memories that become a part of a person’s life forever. Because of this, every owner should take the time to consider what is best for them.

Junk car removal is our business, but you are our priority. We buy cars in Chico and provide fair amounts for your vehicle. Whether it is your first time selling your vehicle or you have sold a vehicle before, SellMax in Chico will make sure that you receive the service you and your car deserve.


Why Us?

We Know You Have Plenty of Other Options, But Here’s Why You Need Us

When you choose to work with SellMax, it is a quick and easy process. Avoid all of the anxiety and stress that comes if you decide to sell your car by yourself. The last thing we want for you is to have a car selling experience that goes wrong. Getting cash for cars in Chico should never put you in danger.

We also have tons of experience buying used cars. Our company started off paying cash for cars in San Jose. We quickly expanded to buying junk cars in Temecula and several other cities across the United States. We buy a lot of cars, so rest assured we'll get the deal done right.

Online Marketplaces Are Not the Answer

Websites like Craigslist lack the protection you need as Craigslist is more prone to robberies and scams. There is very little monitoring happening on the website that can effectively alert you when someone may try to scam you. Additionally, a wide range of sellers located on Craigslist is all selling their random items for cheap. With all of this competition on the website, there is no guarantee that you will get a response. Even if you do, the odds of you getting a fair price for your car are slim.As a result, your inbox will be flooded with offers that you will not want to respond to.

Your Safety Is Important to Us

Do not sell your car on a website with a murder list, and do not let yourself fall prey to a potential scam. Call us instead for an offer, so you can experience the SellMax difference for yourself.

But, You Haven't Seen My Car . . .

We Mean It When We Say, "Any Car, Any Condition"


What sets us apart is that we buy cars in Chico typically on the same day that individuals call us. We provide a quick and efficient service that is unmatched by our competitors. If your car matches any of the following descriptions, we want it.

Here are the types of cars that we take:


Are you ready to partner with us? When you are ready to sell your car, contact us at SellMax. We will help you get the best deal for your vehicle.

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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Chico

2019 Ford Fusion 95976 05-08-2024 $606
1978 Buick Regal 95926 05-08-2024 $556
1960 Studebaker Silver Hawk 95973 05-07-2024 $783
2004 Oldsmobile Bravada 95928 05-07-2024 $363
1979 Buick Estate 95929 05-07-2024 $531
1983 Rolls-royce Corniche 95927 05-07-2024 $531
2004 Toyota 4Runner 95927 05-05-2024 $770
2012 Bmw 135 95976 05-05-2024 $516
1986 Buick Century 95926 05-05-2024 $633
2005 Mercedes-benz E500 95973 05-01-2024 $503
1999 Porsche 911 95927 04-29-2024 $586
2009 Cadillac STS 95929 04-28-2024 $529
2003 Bentley Continental 95928 04-27-2024 $343
2006 Cadillac DTS 95929 04-27-2024 $644
2000 Mercedes-benz SLK 95928 04-26-2024 $652

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