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Cash for Cars in Carrollton

Your car has treated you well for years, but maybe it’s starting to develop some mechanical issues, or you just want a newer look. Maybe you’ve added a few kids to the family, and it’s time to upgrade. Or, maybe you’ve got an old beater sitting on the side of the garage that refuses to run, and that you’ve finally admitted to yourself you’re not going to spend the time to fix. Either way, when the time comes to trade in the trusty ride that’s carried you around Dallas, Forth Worth, and back home to Carrollton countless times, you’ve got the traditional options:

Selling Your Car On Your Own Is A Hassle

If you decide to list the car for sale yourself, the process is risky and time-consuming. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a good price, you’re likely to run into at least a few scammers, and you’ll almost certainly spend hours meeting strangers for test drives.

In Many Cases We Pay More Than Trade In Value On Your Car In Carollton

Alternatively, you might try trading in a car at a local dealership in or around Carrollton, but you’ll probably spend time bargaining with a salesperson, and you might get undersold with an offer far below what your car is really worth. Some dealerships only accept trade-ins when you buy a new car from them, which might not be in your plans. Additionally, many dealerships will refuse to help you sell damaged cars or salvaged cars.

We'll Even Help You Sell A Car With Mechanical Issues In Carollton

If your car suffers mechanical issues or doesn’t run, that leaves you with a final option: junkyards, which often underpay. You’ll also need to find someone to tow the car, or a service that offers junk car removal, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

SellMax Makes It Easy To Get Cash For Junk Cars In Carrolton, Texas

Luckily, a non-traditional option to get cash for your car in Carrollton exists. SellMax is a service that gives cash offers for cars, no matter their condition, make, or model. We’ll buy your car, and we’ll arrange the method to take it off your hands. It doesn’t have to run, and we’ll give you cash on the spot. We are well known through the entire United States. We started off paying cash for cars in Los Angeles and quickly grew opening up our first cash for cars location in Houston shortly after.


SellMax Pays Cash for Cars in Carrollton, Texas


The easier and more convenient way to get cash for cars in Carrollton is to call SellMax, a reliable and fair junk car buyer that operates locally. We buy cars in Carrollton, and we regularly buy them the same day that our customers call us. Selling your car for cash to SellMax is a simple and easy way to ensure you get a fair offer for your car, no matter what condition it’s in, minus the haggling, bartering, and searching for a worthwhile buyer.


With SellMax, getting cash for cars in Carrollton is straightforward and problem-free:


  • We come to you
  • We pay cash on the spot
  • We handle junk car removal
  • We buy scrap cars, and clunkers too.


There’s no need to spend time writing out your own ad, scribbling out your own for-sale sign, or bargaining with strangers over text who are determined to take advantage of you. Plus, selling a car on craigslist is difficult. SellMax can save you time and effort, and get you cash for your car fast.


When you call SellMax, a professional and experienced representative will arrive at your house in Carrollton at a time that’s convenient for you, they’ll conduct a brief inspection of the car you want to sell, they’ll make you a competitive cash offer on the spot. SellMax is the perfect car buyer: fast, fair, and convenient.


No Pressure

Contrary to selling your car to a dealership, there’s no pressure here, either—we make the best offer that we can for the car you’ve got on hand, and you decide whether or not you accept the offer. If you do, we’ll give you cash for your car on the spot—so there’s no need to worry whether the check from the shady stranger that you just met online will go through. In less than half an hour, you can walk from your driveway back into your house with a stack of cash in your hand equal to the value of your car.


We Buy All Cars

What’s more, your car doesn’t even have to run. SellMax buys cars of all shapes, sizes, makes, and models. We buy cars in any condition, and we’ll pay cash for junk cars in Carrollton. We’ll even handle the process of towing and junk car removal for free. This saves you the hassle of trying to find a towing service and a junk yard that will buy your car.


With SellMax, the process of selling your car becomes quick, simple, and easy. You get cash right away, and you don’t have to waste time finding a buyer, negotiating with a dealership, or arranging a tow service. We make the process as convenient as possible so that you can get back to finding yourself a new ride.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Carrollton

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1958 Saab 92B 75007 09-21-2021 $726
2002 Mitsubishi Galant 75006 09-21-2021 $861
2013 Bmw M3 75007 09-21-2021 $868
2000 Plymouth Prowler 75006 09-21-2021 $306
1970 Mazda Cosmo 75011 09-20-2021 $915
1993 Nissan 200 SX Silvia 75007 09-18-2021 $316
1981 Bmw 525 75006 09-18-2021 $774
2016 Kia Optima Hybrid 75011 09-15-2021 $653
1998 Mazda 323 75011 09-15-2021 $379
2009 Subaru Tribeca 75010 09-13-2021 $311
1971 Ferrari 365 GTC 75010 09-11-2021 $697
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD 75006 09-09-2021 $470
2017 Audi S3 75010 09-09-2021 $676
1973 Porsche 911 75010 09-09-2021 $525

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