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Inside that old car of yours may be a seed of cash just waiting to sprout. No matter its condition, age, make, or model, your vehicle has value – why not harvest some green from an otherwise dormant automobile? Sellmax offers quick cash for cars, junk car removal, and an exceptional customer service experience that will leave you asking yourself why you waited so long to turn that old car over. Now operating in Thornton, we provide fast service that is honest, and most importantly fruitful for you!

Not sure about going this route? Please, let us put your mind at ease.

Sell Your Car For Cash

There are so many valid reasons to put off selling your car:

  • Think your car might be worthless?
  • Unsure if you have the time and energy to sell?
  • Unwilling to haggle over the price?
  • Unmotivated to part with a sentimental vehicle?
  • Dreading bureaucratic hoops?

The good news is, Sellmax can help you with all the above! For one thing, our cash for cars model of doing business doesn’t discriminate – we buy everything from junk cars to luxury vehicles, as-is. We offer prices that are competitive in the Thornton area, and our service is completely without hidden fees. Speaking of service, we provide you with all the information and support you need to do a fair, honest deal. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction at each turn and leaving you delighted not only with the extra money in your pocket, but also with the value of your experience!

We Buy Junk Cars

You have a car, we want to buy it, you get cash and peace of mind. With the exception of a few details in between, those are the basic steps in our car purchasing process. We at Sellmax have been helping people receive cash for cars since 1990, so we know a thing or two about efficient car-buying and customer satisfaction. Here’s how we do it, plain and simple:

  1. Start out by contacting our exceptional staff at (800) 225-7500 to receive a competitive offer.
  2. One of our car whizzes in Thornton will meet you at a place of your choosing, inspect the vehicle, answer your questions, and assist you with a little paperwork.
  3. Once those few details are squared away and you’re happy with the transaction, you’ll be paid on the spot before we haul your car away for free.

We Buy Cars Fast!

At Sellmax we may care about cars, but our real passion is for the people we serve. That’s why our team of experts are focused on your needs throughout the car buying process, why we make sure we know the local Thornton market, and why working with us is such a transparent, easy experience. Our headquarters may be in San Diego, but we call every town we serve home. We are excited to put down roots in Thornton, and to grow a positive relationship with this beautiful community.

Recently Purchased Vehicles In Thornton

2000 Audi A6 80241 06-07-2021 $846
1978 Oldsmobile Omega 80241 06-06-2021 $549
1973 Pontiac Bonneville 80241 06-05-2021 $465
2012 Lincoln MKZ 80241 06-04-2021 $409
1979 Bmw 725 80241 06-04-2021 $315
1972 Lincoln Continental 80241 06-03-2021 $623
1992 Nissan Pulsar 80241 06-03-2021 $746
2004 Honda Pilot 80241 06-03-2021 $307
1969 Ferrari 365 GTC 80241 06-03-2021 $442
1980 Porsche 911 80241 06-02-2021 $889
1999 Morgan 4 80241 06-02-2021 $460
1955 Hudson Metropolitan 80241 05-28-2021 $531
1994 Subaru Justy 80241 05-25-2021 $450
1992 Ford Mustang 80241 05-25-2021 $672
1977 Bmw 520 80241 05-25-2021 $943

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