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Lakewood, Colorado is a beautiful community nestled beside the great city of Denver, family-oriented and surrounded by picturesque landscape. But look out your window or open your garage, and what do you see? Is there a vehicle you would like to be rid of, and better yet transform into cash? Sellmax offers cash for cars in any condition, of any age or type. With same-day quotes and free vehicle removal, we can take any car off your hands and replace it with peace of mind and money in your pocket.

It isn’t too good to be true. Here are some scenarios where Sellmax can help you:

We Buy Junk Cars

  • Do you have an old family car that is in good condition and needs to go, but the time and energy required to sell it aren’t worthwhile to you?
  • Are you preparing for a major life change, and circumstances require you to liquidate your vehicular assets in a hurry?
  • Is a new car in your future, but you’d rather get a straightforward cash offer instead of having to negotiate your trade-in?


Sellmax buys all kinds of cars, from junk cars to luxury autos, under all kinds of circumstances. We will give you a quote and often put cash in your hands the very same day! In many cases, we can best the offers of other dealers in the Lakewood area, to ensure you get the most money possible for your car. Additionally, our friendly, expert staff provide outstanding service and value above and beyond what money can measure. Once you’re finished selling your car, the only question remaining will be what fabulous Lakewood attraction you’ll be celebrating at!

Sell Your Car For Cash

  • Has your auto been in an accident, deemed a total loss by the insurance company, and now considered to be junk?
  • Is your vehicle aging and beginning to experience maintenance issues that are costing more than the vehicle is worth to you?
  • Did you purchase a project car, intent on restoring it over time, but have found yourself wanting to put your energies elsewhere?

Offering junk car removal and quick cash for cars, Sellmax can relieve you of the burden associated with keeping and servicing autos that have overstayed their welcome. We pay cash for cars that haven’t passed inspection, junk cars that barely roll, and even cars that come with boxes of parts! Because we have staff on the ground in Lakewood, we can work quickly to make that vehicular nuisance disappear and put cash into your hands, so you can move on with your life a little richer.

We Offer Junk Car Removal

We at Sellmax may be passionate about cars, but we care about people more. When you work with us, you are guaranteed to receive the most cash for your car and the best possible customer service experience. Headquartered in San Diego and in business since 1990, we are rapidly expanding our service area across the United States, now including the city of Lakewood, Colorado. We’re here, so you don’t need to wait any longer -- Call us at (800) 225-7500 today!

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