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At SellMax Our cash for cars Lemon Grove service can help you sell a car right away, and we even offer free towing. There is almost no end to the tools available for helping you sell your vehicle these days. Entire websites exist that help with listing your vehicle and finding potential buyers. Social media sites you use to keep in touch with friends and families have groups dedicated to listing vehicles for sale. Even yard sale sites are getting in on the action.

But no matter how many of these tools allow you to receive offers from would-be buyers, you still have to field all the emails, texts, calls, questions, meetings, test drives, and low-ball offers all day, every day, until you finally find a buyer and make a deal.

Who has time and energy for that nonsense? Instead, why not opt for an even easier tool--a company that was built around giving consumers cash for cars!

We Buy Any Car In Lemon Grove

What Kinds of Cars Will SellMax In Lemon Grove, CA Buy? All Cars! We buy cars of every make, and model. We buy cars, trucks, vans, SUVS and anything else you can think of.


When you have a car that you're no longer using, you want to get the most for it while minimizing your effort and that is what SellMax is all about. Best of all, we take all kinds of vehicles, including:

  • Cars in great condition
  • Cars with cosmetic damage
  • Cars that no longer run
  • Cars that need work
  • Cars that will not pass the smog test
  • cars without a title (as long as you own the vehicle)
  • We buy vehicles running or not

We even offer:

  • Cash For Junk Cars in Lemon Grove
  • Junk Car Removal in Lemon Grove
  • Money For Damaged Cars
  • One hour car pickup in some cases
  • Fair Prices
  • Money For Classic Cars
  • Free Towing - No Hidden Charges


What Are You Waiting For? Contact Our Lemon Grove Car Buyers Today

Whether you have a van, compact, SUV, or truck, SellMax is ready to take a look and make a deal--and it is just that easy.

Why SellMax in Lemon Grove and Not Trade-In?


When you need cash, you sell a car. But what if you want to get rid of your old car for a new one? Should you do a trade-in? Not always. Trade-in offers are not always competitive. They are made to ensure that the dealer can make money off of the vehicle you're trading in, which is not always in your best interests. So, when you are questioning how can I sell my car in Lemon Grove, consider using an alternative service like ours. We are a hassle free service, and we aim to give great prices on cars.

When you sell your car instead, you can take the cash you receive and use all or some of it for a down payment. In some cases, while you'd have to use all your trade-in value for a new car, you can take just some of the payment you receive for selling your vehicle and apply it to the down payment. You can use the rest to make cosmetic upgrades to your new car, or anything else you want.

Whether you want to sell a reliable, attractive vehicle or you simply want cash for junk cars, we can help! We will buy your car from you in any condition.


We are a top choice for selling a car in Lemon Grove. Contact Us For Your Instant Offer

To get started please contact us at our lemon grove office by using the phone number above. Otherwise, feel free to fill out our contact form online. Stop asking "How can I sell my car" and give us a call today to sell your car in Lemon Grove.


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Recently Purchased Vehicles In Lemon Grove

1980 Chevrolet Chevette 91946 09-07-2021 $519
1962 Cadillac 62 91945 09-06-2021 $913
1972 Saab 99 91945 09-06-2021 $681
1982 Ford C 100 91945 09-06-2021 $333
2009 Mercedes-benz S 91946 09-05-2021 $399
2007 Nissan Altima 91945 09-03-2021 $468
2004 Infiniti G35 91945 09-03-2021 $492
2000 Nissan Pathfinder 91946 09-02-2021 $995
1973 Chevrolet Blazer 91945 09-01-2021 $558
2016 Bmw 6 Series Gran Coupe 91945 09-01-2021 $648
2002 Mitsubishi Diamante 91946 08-30-2021 $996
1977 Porsche 928 91946 08-30-2021 $643
1985 Mazda 626 91946 08-29-2021 $448
1974 Volkswagen Beetle 91945 08-28-2021 $559
2007 Bmw 545 91946 08-24-2021 $788

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