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Cash For Cars in Winston Salem NC

If you have a damaged vehicle, old car or junk car in Winston Salem you may be quite upset. You may ask yourself, for example, "Who will buy my damaged car?"

After all, the process can be quite scary. If you take the time to think about the usual marketplace in Winston Salem NC, you might realize that you will be at a severe disadvantage when trying to sell a car that isn't in the best of shape. If your car is dinged up, not running well, or has been involved in a major accident there isn't a huge buying pool.

Is There A Better Option To Sell My Car In Winston Salem, North Carolina?

The process below describes the usual market - but fortunately, those that are willing to contact a professional junk car buying service are often able to have an experience that is far different and far more profitable.


You are ready to sell your car with plans to upgrade to a newer model. After considering what your car dealer is willing to pay for your ride, you determine that you can do better by selling it to a private party.

The Difficulties With Selling Your Used Car On Your Own.

Private party deals can net you hundreds of dollars more for your car. But how sure are you that the condition of your car can get a good price? There is also the fear that you can be ripped off.

Consider the usual difficulties of selling an old car. First and foremost, for a typical place like Winston Salem, you are generally required to get the car into decent shape. If you have been in an accident that might mean paying for bodywork that costs more than the car itself is worth. Obviously, that doesn't make much sense.

Paying For Your Car To Get Fixed Can Be Expensive!

You will need to fix every problem, or your potential buyers will quickly be turned away from the idea of making a purchase. Even minor cosmetic defects have to be cared for, as these problems can impact the sales potential of the vehicle.

Once you have paid for the car to be fixed, you certainly will not be in a position to negotiate for a fair price. After all, an average car buyer is smart enough to realize that a car that has been damaged likely has a few underlying faults.

Even if you can convince a buyer that you have taken care of each problem, you still may be stuck in the position of having a buyer that is only willing to purchase your car if certain concessions are made. Coupled with the money you have spent on repairs, you might end up losing quite a bit more on the vehicle than expected.

Selling A Vehicle On Your Own May Take A Very Long Time.

Perhaps worst of all, your old vehicle will have to compete in a marketplace of vehicles that are in much better condition. This can make the desire for cash for cars in Winston Salem, difficult.

The fact that no matter how much you have poured your savings into restoring the vehicle, a vehicle that has never been in an accident will always be more likely to sell. As such, you may have to let your car spend months on the market, all the while depriving you of the ability to buy yourself a new vehicle. In many ways, this situation might seem like a nightmare.

Here's Why You Should Sell Your Car To SellMax In Winston, Salem.

This, fortunately, is where professionals come in. At SellMax, we buy cars in Winston Salem no matter the level of damage. Instead of pointing out all the flaws, you get cash for junk cars in Winston Salem.

We help you tow damaged cars, and salvaged cars to a junkyard in Winston Salem and pay you cash. Through our junk car removal service, we make it easy to sell an old car.

This means that you get cash for cars in Winston Salem, without the costly price of having a vehicle towed. In short, this sort of service can make the sale of a damaged vehicle, or old vehicle into quite a pleasant experience.

SellMax as a company derive joy in making the sale of junk, used, and damaged cars from individuals easy. So, instead of selling it on your own, trading in your car or selling it to a private party, you can call us.

At SellMax you can rest assured you are dealing with a professional company. We started off buying junk cars for cash in Riverside, California and then we started helping people sell junk cars in Portland soon after. So, we are fast growing and committed to getting you a good value for your car.

We often purchase cars on the same day that individuals call us. So, we make the process very quick. Here is how it works:

  • You don’t need any third party
  • You don’t need to run an advert or anything
  • You get your cash for cars on Winston Salem instantly
  • You get tangible cash for junk cars in Winston Salem, without being underpriced
  • We buy cars in as-is condition, nice cars damaged cars, non-running cars and junk cars. So no limitation of any kind considering the condition of your junk cars.
  • We pay cash for salvaged cars too.

Got a car? Want to sell? Call our cash for cars phone number right here in Winston Salem.

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