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Cash For Cars in Greensboro

Do you know what happened in 1990? Yes, The Simpsons invaded television screens, but what else? In regards to the car industry, this is when SellMax was created by two entrepreneurs with a dream. Now, our company is invading the States everywhere!

Now located In North Carolina, Cash For Cars in Greensboro is eager to buy your car!

The car selling business has changed since 1990 with the hassle of newspaper ads looking for potential buyers to car salesman at a dealership that may seem like a good idea when trading in your old car for the new one.

That was then and this is now. Here at SellMax: Cash For Cars in Greensboro, we have reduced your time, but increased the amount that you get in return for your car in our efficient process! We don’t cut corners, but we do cut your time. Over the last almost 30 years, we have found a way that has made car buying and selling signficiantly easier for our clients that are more appealing and effective than the methods of negotiating with a car dealership or leaving your old car in a junk yard in the Greensboro area.

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars In Greensboro, North Carolina

To put it simply, we will buy cars from those who contact us. The car can be nice, brand new with that new car smell, in an as-is condition, whether that includes sell us your damaged car, immobile car, or even “junky” car. If it’s a car, we want to buy it, regarding all types of conditions that the vehicle may be in! So you can be certain that we are the right company to help you sell a junk automobile.

Tired of your old minivan that you’ve had since your children were little? Ready for a new set of wheels that are shinier and still have a new car smell? Or perhaps, are you looking for a car that is just simply new to you? Whatever the case, we buy cars for cash in Greensboro so you can move on to your next set of wheels that you’ve been eyeballing!

We abide by our buy-all-cars policy to purchase cars in whatever conditions they may be in. At Cash For Cars in Greensboro, we make it a small mission to buy those cars that you would ordinarily find in junk yards in Greensboro, but we are here to buy the junk cars instead of hauling them away for free.

Plus, you reduce the hassle of planning to make the junk yard trip, find another person who could take you to drop the car off, and the time that it would take for you to give up your car. It could take much longer than the two hour time period or less here.

We can rid you of your car within the day so you don’t have to stress another day on how to sell your car to a potential buyer or car dealer that doesn’t car about you as a client. Our Greensboro location has a team of expert staff members that will give you a satisfactory offer than you cannot refuse. We are experts at evaluating the worth of cars.

A simple phone call and within seconds, you will have one of our knowledgable Cash For Cars team members on the phone with you and help you with any questions or inquiries you may have.

If you wish to remain in your home or another location, our Greensboro location offers our services to commute to you. Not only does this cut more of your time, but this pick-up appointment can be on your own terms and we will meet you where you want us to.

Since we do not believe in hidden fees or altering our initial offer in your car deal, we also don’t believe that you should pay the fee to tow your car to our location. We take care of the towing fee for you!

Just by filling out our form to sell your car, we will need to name these details regarding your car:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Location

Once we process this information, we can offer you the best offer and the rest is in your hands. Our goal at SellMax is to offer the best and most of what your car has to offer. We sustain in our genuine care and services to have you walk away satisfied with your business with us.

While in the Greensboro area, there are many attractions at your disposal. To view some of this “green” in Greensboro, the Bog Garden at Benjamin Park has an elevated boardwalk, 7 acres of natural wetlands, waterfalls, and many more natural beauties within this park to visit that are green and lush.

Another popular attraction is the Greensboro History Museum. The museum is an AAM-accredited Smithsonian Affiliate and displays a vast history of the city with many exhibits.

If you have a car that is sitting around, unused, in the best or worse condition, and you want to find a new home for it, call SellMax: Cash For Cars in Greensboro and we will exchange with you some cash that you can use however you please! Our number is (800) 225-7500. We look forward to hearing from you!

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1977 Chrysler 1610 27498 06-19-2022 $744
2014 Lexus RX 350 27395 06-19-2022 $964
1994 Ferrari 512 TR 27415 06-19-2022 $886
1998 Isuzu VehiCross 27495 06-17-2022 $576
1978 Triumph Spitfire 27405 06-15-2022 $524
2000 Toyota Tundra 27412 06-15-2022 $323
2015 Toyota Prius c 27411 06-14-2022 $812
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2008 Kia Spectra5 27438 06-12-2022 $654
2014 Porsche Cayman 27416 06-11-2022 $407
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